All hell is going to break loose: Leo Terrell

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell explains how ‘the police are helpless’ to combat lootings on ‘America Reports.’ #FoxNews #AmericaReports

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  1. They want chaos so that they can declare martial law. From there they will do whatever they want. AND YOU WILL PULL YOUR HEAD IN AND HIDE IN THE BASEMENT…YOU HAVE HAD TWO YEARS OF TRAINING.

  2. I believe he’s correct and the police should not lift a finger. When a officer can not only loose his life from violence but also be put in jail for 25 years for trying to do his job it’s a easy one for me.

  3. It's shoplifting, it's got nothing to do with the talking points that these gentlemen are making. In fact the comments are doing more harm than good . We ,as a community must decide ,who is a criminal and who is worse than those who we are locking up for crimes that are driven by our economic climate, the frustrations most workers deal with every day . Before we begin locking up these folks that are shoplifting, and they all need to face a judge , but those who commit the greater crime, the injustice , the exploitation of all who work to live these crimes are simply distractractions .

  4. Awesome that you're putting this information out to the public. This hurts everyone including the participants. But as always make your voted counts by boycotting those individuals who sale stolen property. Awhile back, before I only rent my unit out to family & friends only, I had a young couple who did this. I started court proceedings & they left. But, because at that time on our dead end street had no lighting, they came back to sell stolen property. Police knocked on my door asking if I was involved. Absolutely not. I told them that is the reason I kicked them out my unit. My lease does not say you can sell stolen property, do business (family neighborhood), grow or sell marijuana & if you use it you are required to pay rent & not be prarnoid ( I had one like that). Boycotting is the best approach.

  5. Drop a couple with some buckshot and the news will travel fast. Want to burn out businesses and neighborhoods because of the purging of this thief's, apply the same treatment. Guaranteed to work.

  6. This. Goes. To. The top. The government. Those people are robing. Openly an. Noting is done abought. It if the police strick an don't go to work. Then they will shame shame shame on the government. Frederick🇮🇪

  7. Many Democrats know that their willingness NOT to do the right things for the Innocents, will assure them re-election votes in 2024.
    Not protecting the border, coupled with not upholding the Laws, AKA- Criminals of all types, going unpunished, our America has a sorrowful and hellish destiny ( future ahead).

  8. If the government and its elected or appointed officials will not protect the public then it follows that the public will eventually protect itself from the threats, and PUNISH the elected and appointed officials. Justice.

  9. Let all the police go find jobs in red states and let the blue states self-destructive, let the blue states have their cake and eat it too. Then they will be begging the police to come back and do their job!1

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