ARY News | Prime Time Headlines | 12 AM | 9th September 2021

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Pakistan hopes new interim govt in Afghanistan will work for peace:

Faisal Vawda’s mother passes away, PM Imran Khan, others condole

NCA expresses satisfaction over security of strategic assets

Sindh CM directs KMC, KDA to withdraw cases against each other

K-Electric to collect Sindh govt taxes through electricity bills

PM launches cadastral project to end land record tampering,…

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  1. I feel so broken hearted of what America has become..We the people have so much hate for one another..Especially politics. .We forget about our soldiers and all the sacral ice they have given..Since 9/11 we came to hate ourselves. .We alerted a president who made his own coup..Still idiots still believe the election was stolen..As for Biden PLEASE don't allow any radical country people back into our COUNTRY!! My son served in Afghanistan! ! That's like a slap in the face to allow these people into our COUNTRY!!! What a crying SHAME if we give them any peace talks for them to get AID from US!!

  2. سڑک بنانے والے کو عزت نہی ھونی چاہیۓ ۔ غریب عوام کو روزگار اور انکے بچوں کو تعلیم کو عزت دینی چاہیۓ ۔ انکے کرپشن کو نہی

  3. Sweetheart j boh Bharat hai jaha Har Hindu Eid Celebrate karta hai aur Har Muslims Hindu Festival celebrate karte hai….Kashmir main ISI ke kush agent the pehle par ab boh nazarband hai issiliye ab Kashmir se Kanyakumaari tak sirf JAI Hind bola jaata hai….Moutarma Maaf karna hme aap se jaah aap ki army se koi nafrat nhi hai, nafrat hai toh sirf aap ke Political parties se aur jo army knife galat guide krte hai.. barna aaj b mere bahut Muslim dost hai mere Pakistan main, meri ex-gf bi Pakistan se thi boh apne pyar ko kaise galat bol skta hai.. issiliye mahobat phelaao naa ki nafrat…….

  4. That's why in Pakistan, people are voting on the police and porridge i.e. courts and people do not have confessions, do not believe, they decide for themselves. In that couple caste incidents happen

  5. This sir is absolutely right, but how will this mafia accept the one who is corrupt, whose thoughts are in his heart? money laundering and fraud is corruption and anjali

  6. 👉😘Great 😘Leader🌹 V 😘love ♥️imraaaaaaaaaaan😘 Khan 💘Dil 💘Dil😘 Pakistan 🌹jan🌹 jan 😘imraaaaaaaaaaan 🌹Khan♥️ Dil💘 Dil😘 Pak 😘army 😘♥️🇵🇰♥️👈

  7. Of the people living in Sindh Praise be to ALLAH pak Pakistan People's Party Should be eliminated from Sindh now
    Sindh ka baccha baccha aapko Dil Se Badwa deta hai ppp or pdm Hamare Mulk ko dimag Ki Tarah kha rahe hain
    Allah Pak fajar ki Barkat se Inko tabah aur Barbad Karen Kyunki yah Ek bahut bara Mafia hai isko ALLAH pak hi khatam kar sakhte hai

  8. Pti imran Khan zindaabad isi zindaabad pak army zindaabad good working mashaallah Pakistan 🇵🇰zindaabad 🇵🇰full sport pti inshallah 2023 cm punjab good working mashallha

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