Biden sends a careful but chilling message to Putin

President Joe Biden used an exclusive CNN interview to send another careful, yet clear and chilling message to Russian President Vladimir Putin about the disastrous consequences of using nuclear weapons in the war in Ukraine. #CNN #News


  1. Hi … An American here , just stopping to say many of us don't agree with what Russia has done but also don't believe in sending money or weapons and also believe we should exit NATO good day

  2. And the democrats were blaming Trump was the one that was going to start a war and look at what Biden is doing….
    The very thing that the democrats are doing 👏!!!!!!!!!how stupid they all are…..

  3. Joe Biden is president of the United States of America had it's hard to believe that he even got elected 😉 it's fair to say the Democratic party has put the United States of America in the dangerous predicament the United States of America was way better off having Trump as president.

  4. Putin is nowhere near rational. That would make missile man in North Korea and the Ayatollah in Iran or the Saudis rational albeit crazy and unhinged too. Authoritarian dictators aren't rational ever. It's all about power and suppression of the people, the news agencies and political enemies just to make the country look stable, happy citizens etcetera.

  5. the only people talking about nuclear war is the west and creepy Joe Biden, I haven't heard one video of President Putin talking about nuclear war he hasn't even uttered the word nuclear🤦

  6. When was there ever a word like mom, dad and the word black on CNN? Can we do the same with the adjective "nuclear"? It's not the same as nuclear schizophrenia. Wouldn't you agree?

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  8. they need younger blood in office . im tiered of having 72+ year olds in office , now for all you people that dont like him i say you try and do his job at his age , he retirement age along time ago

  9. "Carefully" worded? We already know what they can do. Children freaking hear this stuff and parents do NOT need to try and explain this crap. This president is by FAR the worst pos ever. You think Trump was bad? He isn't setting us up for a nuclear holocaust! Trump backed Putin into a corner. Idc if you like Trump or not, he did way better with these nations who wish us dead.

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