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It’s Friday 23 July 2021. Our top stories this morning 0:00

Critical parts of the food industry are now allowed to do daily Covid testing instead of asking staff to self-isolate.

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  1. Far to smart to own a smart phone. Network getting desperate and keeps bringing the price of them down so you spend spend spend every month. Bring the price down to 0.00 I still won't want a smart phone.

  2. How about giving us a payrise aswell? Us in the food industry supply logistics etc had to work all through the whole pandemic, put our health at risk 7 days a week round the clock and all we get is £10.50 an hour. Useless country.

  3. One second they are telling the public not to delete their app then they are telling the public not to use it, sorry anything I don't use on my phone gets deleted. The only reason they want you to keep it is one of them owns and is making money from it.

  4. Bla bla bla plandemic. Brainwashes the people manipulation propaganda. this is the devil work is trying hard to destroy the people family and what God is given to us . This world power elites how are the devil children trying to make the people so crazy. God help us

  5. And now after all this CRAP, the supermarket workers will be demanding huge pay rises as they are so called "essential Workers" not hard to grow your own vegtables.

  6. If the government and the media keep this up, they might find themselves exempt from freedom soon enough. Just saying, people dont like dictators and if masses dont like you – dot dot dot

  7. ADVICE !!! – instead of downloading the stupid nhs app, take covid tests 1 or 2 times a week (or everyday depending on your work). The app gave me so much anxiety and I was pinged to isolate for 2 days (which meant I had been exposed to someone 8 days prior which is so stupid because I could have been spreading covid if I had it) and then a day later I was pinged to isolate for 10 days, and I couldn’t afford to not work as I don’t have that much money because of not being able to work for a long time. I then deleted it as I had then taken 4 covid tests that all turned negative ! Now I take a covid test 2 times a week, after my shifts for the week and before my shifts for the week to make sure I don’t have it ! (Also I literally don’t leave my room apart from work so yeah)

  8. A canadian physician by the name of Charles Hoffe found that 62 percent of his covid vaccinated patients developed blood clots. The media is gas lighting you into believing that it is rare. The blood clots are not being found because they are micro blood clots and a D Dimer test is needed to find them. These micro clots lead to bigger clots and and can eventually lead to being 6 feet under.

  9. Dont listen to the lies of the media. The FDA announced that the PCR test for covid failed review due to providing false positives. They knew this all along but wanted to increase the case count. When Biden got into office they turned the cycles down to make it look like everything was under control. They turned the cycles back up to make more numbers for the delta variants. Even the creator of the PCR test stated that it cannot test for a virus.

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