1. She is a classic
    example of why the Republican party never gets anything meaningful done
    for their constituents. The Democrats are a party devoid of honor,
    righteousness, integrity, and have neither love or respect for the
    principles upon which this great republic was founded. They are a
    corrupt party of misfits and power hungry swamp-rats who are destroying
    this country in too many ways to list. Why? Because its more important
    for these socialist Democrats to stay in power a few years longer than
    it is to do whats in the best interest of America. The only thing that I
    will acknowledge about the Democrats is that they stick together like
    glue to get their horrible agenda passed. The Republicans are a party
    of weak, timid, cowering wimps who are too afraid of the Democrats and
    the media to stand up for America and the people who put them in office.

  2. Totally a set up by McCarthy! He knew The Speaker would not approve of the “Jim’s”, & then withdrew all of his choices as a public stance. McCarthy is such a Jerk😡

  3. Who was that douche in the brown suit? Yelling around the words: “thank you, thank you!” Really not needed after Trump, etc. They both seem kinda ridiculous; bad actors and kinda weird 😶

  4. Some people went in the capitol a trump supporter got murdered and a guy put his feet on pelosis desk and then they left. And you fools are crying and crying

  5. I am an American i do not agree with protests or protestors… It has been getting progressively worse… You need to hold the guy with the bottle rocket trying to burn down the court house in Portland … But you won't… You won't hold the protestor accountable in Chicago for killing those police officers accountable… You call that peaceful and that was over a year and a half ago…

  6. Kudos to Liz Cheney! She has rightly called out Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy is a traitor along with the rest of the GOP assholes who continue to defend Trump and the lies of what happened on Jan. 6 2021.

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  8. Liz Cheney should go back to making bombs to blow up countries.
    Why doesn't she tell you that leaders of th Proud Boys and Oath Keepers who urged people to "gotta go into the Capitol' were both FBI informants. They were instigators who were shouted down by other people. Neither have been arrested or jailed. And where is John Sullivan, the ANTIFA instigator who bragged to CNN about his part in the "insurrection?" Wake up people.

  9. I would like to see a fair investigation. There are a lot of things that do not add up. This is actually a lynching and at the same time a cover up. There is not a person who has an open mind on the commission. There are 2 Democrats who call themselves Republicans and both hate Trump. I wonder what they would say if they got jurors like themselves.

  10. Oh no corona 👑 the father of Jesus said spirit of lying government s and congress is done.. Jesus shouldn't have been on the cross.. no father tell s u come kill my son Babylon.. now pay the price. Slave driver style bob Morley

  11. Funny how she didn't mention the attacks on our cities by BLM and antifa that caused billions upon billions of dollars. Is Pelosi Republican is a hack and a trump hater she can never be impartial.

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