Do compulsory Covid vaccinations work? – BBC News

As cases of the Omicron Covid variant rise around the globe, the BBC’s Ros Atkins examines arguments surrounding vaccine mandates as the world looks to tackle the latest wave of infections.

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  1. Full national strikes could bring a lot of this nonsense to and end – hard for the Government to push ahead if millions are out on strike

  2. I can give massive proof the vaccines should not be forced on children, from the staggeringly bad history of polio vaccines, with things like bad live polio batches, and the ess vee four tee monkey virus, but it keeps getting deleted by Youtube as the evidence is so strong. I am having to resort to code on this post to transmit some of the info

  3. Absolute morons. I honestly don't know how many times I have to say this… IF YOU HAVE THE VACCINE YOU CAN STILL TRANSFER THE VIRUS TO ANOTHER PERSON REGARDLESS OF VACCINATION STATUS.

  4. A travelling virus, travelling from country to country and city to city. All because of some animal in a china market.

  5. Unfortunately hundreds of countries in the world don`t have a government like we have in the UK who cares for its citizens and has been doing a brilliant job in keeping us all safe since the pandemic started.In the name of the British people I would like to give a big thank you to our prime minister Boris Johnson to professor Chris Whitty and to the former secretary of state Matt Hancock for their incredible effort and dedication.

  6. tried everthing except let people stay home
    rent is extortion
    eviction is a public health hazard
    let the people and the planet rest

  7. "So if you still need a booster after being fully vaccinated, and testing after being fully vaccinated, and hospitalizations after fully vaccinated, and masks, social distancing & and lockdowns all after being fully vaccinated?

    Then it's time to admit you've fully conned."- Dr. Adam Aneevit

  8. How can be work?
    keep force using a non-protect infection vaccine, but count on number of infection! this is never end !

  9. Scaremongering as usual .. It's simple…vaccinated should be able to continue as usual ( that's was Bozo said months ago) and then unvaccinated isolate until they have decided secret DNA is not being injected.

  10. Exterminating the weakest in society in order to strengthen the gene pool would work very well. Utilitarian thinking leads to atrocity.

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