Elections 2022 LIVE News Updates: UP Election Winner Results | Election Results With Arnab LIVE

Latest non stop breaking news on Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Manipur, and Uttarakhand election result. While all eyes are on Yogi Adityanath and Arvind Kejriwal’s fortunes in UP and Punjab, Republic brings you the fastest breakings from constituencies and the most accurate and fastest counting numbers. With maximum reporters and teams on ground and fastest numbers of the big Election 2022 result, this stream records all breaking news of counting with Arnab Goswami and his election team.

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  1. This is not new, we all know that Modi sends governor to non-bjp rules states and try to disrupt the functioning of democratically elected governments of those states. He tried so hard in Delhi and failed, now trying so hard in West Bengal and will fail again. Same thing he is doing in Maharashtra, even tried in Rajasthan but there the state BJP head Vasundhara Raje showed Modi the door and asked him to manage only center and leave the state to her, isliye Modi ki daal nahi gali. These things are not new for Indian public, they know all this, only waiting for alternative which is now being provided by AAP and Kejriwal. Everybody knows how BJP formed government in Goa, MP and Karnataka .. first they spent crores of tax payers money on elections, then even after loosing election, they again spent thousand of crores to buy MLAs from other parties .. thats why public now thinks inko vote do to bhi sarkaar bana lenge, agar vote na do toh bhi jugad laga kar sarkaar bana lete hai, isliye iss baar inko 4 states mein jeeta diya taaki atleast MLA khareedne pe janta ka paisa waste na ho aur Democracy ka nanga naach na dekne mile … but jis din janta ko alternative mila, bjp gayab ho jayegi aur phir agle 50 saal tak nahin dikhenge ye makkar log.

  2. कांग्रेस एक भ्रष्ट देशभक्त पक्ष है मगर आम आदमी पक्ष सत्ता पाने के लिए किसी भी हद तक जा सकती है। पंजाबी जनता ने आम आदमी पार्टी को जिताकर बहोत बडा मजाक किया है । अब देखते है आगे क्या होता है।

  3. Where is Samajwadi party MP Jaya Bachchan? She has remained very silent. Since Jaya Bachchan has already declared "hum UP ke hain" she needs to move out of Maharashtra and back to UP and help Samajwadi party win the elections. Maharashtra can generate actors and actesses far more talented than Jaya Bachchan. We would not miss her at all.

  4. @Arnab Goswami- can we once discuss this topic? People compare UP victory with Bengal victory. Why haven't we seen or heard of violence, blood shed and rape in UP post election? After all BJP is the incumbent government as was in WB.

  5. All.hindus unite and vote for bjp. All muslims dominated region in UP has voted ..fully against bjp. So they all are standing united….we also should be united…kuch bhi ho jaye. Hindu, hindutva ,hinduism….be proud of ur culture

  6. 1👉आजम खान साहब रामपुर से
    2👉अब्दुल्ला आजम खान स्वार से
    3👉मुख्तार अब्बास अंसारी मऊ
    4👉कमल अख्तर साहब कांठ से
    5👉नाहिद हसन कैराना से
    6👉हाजी इरफान सोलंकी सिसामऊ से
    7👉इकबाल मसूद संभल से
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    35👉साहिद मंजूर किठौर से

    यह सभी मुस्लिम विधायक समाजवादी गठबंधन से जीते हैं

  7. क्रेजी 2024 के लिए तैयार करेगी यह भी बताएं कि या फिर

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