Elie Mystal: Government Can Require People To Be Healthy, But Cannot Require People To Get Sick

President Biden initiating federal COVID-19 vaccination mandates and other policies to fight the pandemic surge is praised by experts in conversation with Joy Reid.
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  1. Go and get a vaccinated or take a test ! Protect yourself and the children and your neighbors. Keep the hospital open for people that need it ! And if your dying of Covid stay out of the hospital someone else mite need you ICU bed stay at home and die

  2. This is about National Security. How secure is our nation when we have people in all kinds of employment getting sick. Teachers are dying, police are dying, military service members are getting sick, US representatives are getting sick, children are getting sick and some are dying. This is interfering with the functionality of every aspect of our lives. Enough!

  3. President Trump should have handled this right from the start but he majorly failed the people and the country. Joe Biden encouraged people to get vaccinated as soon as he won the election. He kept on encouraging . When some really dumb anti vaxers started taking livestock de-wormer her realized he had a bigger problem than he thought. The stupidity of anti vaxers is mind boggling. ALL Federal governments have the authority to mandate vaccines for pandemics. That started way back when Small pox came along. Anti vaxers are just plain ignorant of facts and science all around.

  4. stuff it, stuff your fascist dictatorial policy, the government is now owned by private interests, not in your interest and not in mine. no one can force anyone else to inject unproven chemicals into their body, Nuremberg here we come. just say no to the new nazi-ism, just say NO

  5. Government can require people to take vaccines maybe in Cuba we’re I was born weak up America listen to me before it’s to late I know what I’m saying this is exactly how they work miss information and lies they done it for ever I’ll give you one example when Castro took power in 59 he would say on Tv and radio here no one is going to loose their business and the very next day he would confiscate 2 or 3 banks and kept going until he even confiscated the farms it’s all about power over you that’s it.

  6. When a UNCACCINATED person gets Covid, they become an incubator for NEW VARIANTS.
    Vaccinate so we can all go back to "normal"
    -Why is this so hard to understand?

  7. The US government cares so much about health… but is the only first world country who doesn’t give its people healthcare 😂😂

  8. "While their governor picks a fight with them or threatens their salary's or jobs." – Joe Biden … Also Joe Biden – "You will lose your salary and job if you refuse the vaccine." Sort of talking out both sides of his mouth right? More people will die from heart disease than COVID this year. Ban cookies and start taxing the fat people I say. Give strict BMI index numbers government employees have to maintain to keep their jobs.

  9. If you are vaccinated then why do you care if others are vaccinated? Does your vaccine work? Figuring that out may help the hesitant get vaccinated.

  10. Hey Elie, if you think the government can require people to be healthy, then you should be ok with them telling you to lose 100 pounds before you develop a fatty liver, atherosclerosis, and diabetes. Come on, man!

  11. Wow.. so much to unpackage here: Biden mandating the vaccine when less than one year ago he denounced and questioned its safety. Demands for "my body my choice" are forgotten when someone doesn't agree with their point of view. Yelling at workers "we know who you are" These are the same tactics employed by the left when they dox people and threaten them, but now it is shameful because it is being done to them. They accuse DeSantis of horrible "mandates" but praise Biden for his mandates… the hypocrisy is stunning.

  12. So, we all thought Trump wanted to be the dictator and now we find that Biden was the one that was the real wolf in sheep's clothing! Even has a different, kinda demonic, look on his face! He obviously has suffered from a Hitler complex of wanting to ruthlessly rule the world into utter terrified compliance and fear! Will someone please show him the way to go home and stay home before he attempts to force anymore, half-baked, delusional, harmful things on American citizens!

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