Floods in Germany: Could loss of life have been prevented? | DW News

Four days after torrential rains triggered deadly floods in western Germany, survivors have now turned their focus toward the daunting task of rebuilding. But with emergency services still busy looking for bodies and securing vital infrastructure, many residents are left to seek help from volunteers – or go it alone. And many are wondering if authorities could have done more to warn communities about the coming deluge.


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  1. Malicious schemers in several media organizations around the world are out to use me and control my life. They labelled me the "world" and say I am against "white teeth". And they have a secret electromagnetic over-the-air device that can trigger all reactions in the body, including disease symptoms and pain, to coerce me physically and physiologically. Somebody please help me. Please say no to torture and oppression.

  2. God is shaking the Heavens and the Earth. Jesus Christ is about to return to rapture the Church.

    Focus on eternity and your relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Ask Jesus to forgive you of all of your sins and He will, and you will have eternal life in Heaven.
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  3. I feel sad while watching this😞I hope Germany and the German people will recover as soon as possible. My deepest condolences to all the family and prayers for the german nation! We're all in this together. 🤝 Love all the way from Philippines🇵🇭❤️🇩🇪

  4. Man made weather.harp cern and others they use to cause this distruction.
    Distruction will be everywhere to cut the population.
    Sorry this happened to you all.

  5. It all started when a European brought porcelain to German soil from china 600 years ago. Now everything in Germany is made in china. Modern things German are easily dispossable. The real treasures went to aristocrats – some auctioned to foreigners for more money. It is just a question of what country in southeast Asia these flood scraps are to be dumped again like what Canada ought to do for local western dirt management.

  6. I wish I could go there and help! I would be honored to roll my sleeves up with such hard working people! Much respect from USA!

  7. There is NOTHING to be prevent this, and very damn little to mitigate something like this when you have four continuous days of torrential downpours. That is the sad reality of Mother Nature. Although, it might be wise to have any low lying regions near waterways to consider never rebuilding quite so close by and to elevate structures as high as possible as per building atop stilts. But aside from this, I was very happy to see how great the German people were volunteering like they did to clean up this horrible mess. It may not bring lives back, but it certainly will help to heal those that survived.

  8. As I am watching the news about this devastation, I remember vividly the devastation my country also experienced. It was 2013 the biggest and destructive typhoon Haiyan. the devastation is astonishing and no words can describe what happened there. We are one of the thousand families also that were affected. everything was completely destroyed and thousands have lost their lives. my heart goes out to all the victims and may God bless us all.

  9. This is just the start
    If Green house gases and pollution induced climate changes are not stopped by the end of century extreme weather event induced damage will be much more than can be reconstructed.

  10. Los sismos, tormentas y rumores de guerra, etc. que están ocurriendo en la mayor parte del Mundo revelan que estamos viviendo el Fin del Mundo. Jesucristo dice: "Todo la humanidad será purifificad o flagelada por inmoral y mundana"

  11. Instead of using a normal siren, speakers would be more effictive. They could have made a warning in the moment they got the information over them. Even old people with no internet would have got the info that way. Its way faster then with TV or the internet. Because you reach everyone in town, no matter the age.

    I can understand that they didnt knew how big the flood is going to be, but its better to give a false warning then none.

  12. If you see some people fighting in the floods and fighting for their life in the floods, first he they have to show you a negative covid test or vaccination passport, then you have to give them the sanitizer in case they don't have one in the pocket, and just after all this is made you are allowed to give them hand to help them get out of water. If there is nothing of covid prevention, then let them go with the water.
    Thank you for your cooperation !

  13. What is going on here. You can't clean the street's and overall can't be cleaned anything without the Health department. First you must make a Covid-19 Test, then you can go on streets to clean, or you take you Vaccination passport with you.
    And please use the Sanitizer every time you touch something. For any case take one or two masks with you, in case Bill Gates come to visit the flooded areas.
    Sanitizers will be placed everywhere on the streets.
    Thank you for your cooperation !!!

  14. How about putting one specific ALARM-SOUND in place in every city, that tells people to go to a HIGH PLACE…! A sound that everyone can HEAR & everyone instantly can RECOGNIZE as saying: FLOOD = COMING!

  15. Why is the host pressing a hydrometeoroligist to analyze how the government medially conveyed the output of the warning system, smh

  16. If God said be flood there will be flood.
    Remember God will Sending punishment to the ungrateful. This is just a warm-up, maybe the next one can be worse

  17. Creative society
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  18. At 1:00 she said a beer hall was destroyed? Now that IS a tragedy, and should be top priority
    in regards to being made operational once again.

  19. These all effects are that we are promoting Non Veg.Because We killed God's children Animals, now God shows his Power, if we are not stop the violence,we will see again and again all this.

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