Global National: Dec. 12, 2021 | Search for survivors continues after devastating US tornadoes

A desperate search for survivors is underway in the midwest United States after at least 90 people were killed during a swarm of storms and tornadoes that levelled entire communities. Jackson Proskow reports from Mayfield, Kentucky where a rescue operation continues.

Meanwhile, U.S. President Joe Biden has deployed the National Guard and federal emergency workers to help people rebuild their lives, but it will take months to recover from the vicious storm system. Jennifer Johnson has more.

In Canada, Alberta residents still don’t know what kind of holiday gatherings will be allowed under the province’s latest COVID-19 rules. The current restrictions, which are some of the toughest in the country, are set to be eased this week. Heather Yourex-West looks at the risks heading into the holidays with the threat of the Omicron variant.

Canada and other G7 nations have a stark warning for Russia: de-escalate tensions on the Ukrainian border or prepare for economic consequences. It comes amid reports Russia is bolstering its troop and missile deployment in that region. Mike Le Couteur looks at the fallout and the possible road ahead.

And, there are questions about the Canadian military’s fleet of Navy helicopters, after a crack discovered in one led to inspections that turned up cracks in 18 others. Ross Lord reports on what this could mean for the future of the choppers.

In B.C., four First Nations are looking to bring the Olympics back to the province by exploring the idea of their own bid for the 2030 Winter Games. As Neetu Garcha reports, it would be the first Indigenous-led bid for an Olympic Games.

Plus, people in Toronto are remembering the life of former mayor Mel Lastman, who died Saturday at the age of 88. Lastman had a larger-than-life personality and as Matthew Bingley reports, there were many moments that put him in the political spotlight.

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  1. What goes AROUND, Comes AROUND! This is the CARMA hitting back on US for what the US government did in the Middle East, killing innocent ppl (kids, women orderlies) ! They’ve did all that based on a lie of nuclear weapon existence 🤦🏻‍♀️ … OBVIOUSLY THIS IS THE RETURN KARMA FROM THE DEVINE ! YET MORE TO COME!

  2. Climate change Emergency will be the catalyst to usher in a significant religio-political agenda from the Vatican/Papacy and from the USA including an Enforced worldwide religious 'pause day' on Sundays ; the outcome will be devastating ….
    I highly recommend 'Conflict of the Ages' series of five books by Christian Author Ellen G. White
    (Authentic Seer/Prophet of God)…..
    "The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan" Ellen G. White, 1888, rev.1911 ✝️

  3. hmm…that means that more than half of the new Ont covid cases WERE fully vaxxed. ps South Africa is finding that more than half of their covid patients were fully vaxxed as well. 80% of hospitalized covid patients were in for something else….a covid test is mandatory, so they were discovered to have the vaccine. 100% of cases in S Afr are now Omicron…of the thousands infected, only 138 have needed ventilators. Almost 900 are in ICU or higher than normal care (about half each) Omicron has picked up a piece of cold virus from that virus….the signs are runny nose, and it doesn't affect the sense of taste and smell. There are some who say that if Omicron keeps spreading as quickly as it did at the start, and with the mildness of the signs, when Omicron takes over the world, the pandemic will pretty much be over.

  4. omg have mercy on r souls.. what can u do, u can not blame climate change.
    the earth always have had tornadoes,

  5. Oh how sad, so many didn't see it coming and those dogs flying in the air … and you can only spot the tornado with lightening strikes. Truly tragic for all those affected.
    RIP. 🙏💔😓

  6. Amazon had their employees back to work the very next day where the employees had to work next to the rubble and dead bodies of their coworkers still buried beneath…. Time for right and left to unite as the common folk and use our masses to dismantle the government plutocracy

  7. There is no way that Russia is going to attack Ukraine. RUSSIA is just doing the same as N.A.T.O.(North America Terrorists Organizations) is doing.

  8. I urge u all listen to Dane Wigington who has been sounding the Alarm for 20yrs. He has u tube. Accountability now.

  9. Well the third little pig he made his house out of bricks and as far as I can see the bricks buildings are still pretty damn good standing. So maybe in the future build all houses out of bricks!

  10. I’m playing the role of Paul Revere. ‘The ivermectin is coming, the ivermectin is coming.’ I want the whole world to know.”.

  11. One reader commented that 5G radiation apparently “stirs up” the graphene hydroxide found in the injections, causing bleeding and clotting.

    “Graphene hydroxide is a metal and is affected by 5G,” this person added. “Graphene hydroxide never leaves your system and accumulates with every shot or booster.”..

  12. 57 Top Scientists and Doctors Release Shocking Study on COVID Vaccines and Demand Immediate Stop to All Vaccinations…

  13. SARS-CoV-2 mass vaccination: Urgent questions on vaccine safety that demand answers from international health agencies, regulatory authorities, governments and vaccine developers…

  14. USA is in destruction . Full of catastrophe..covid,hurricane, political crisis, economy inflation, climate problem, riots, etc.. I'm sure Mr biden is crying alone thinking the fate of his country . Being a president is hard. it's like carrying tons of burden on his shoulders. It will put him down to his knees with no one to help except God.

  15. i remember the movie geostorm when bad people can control the climate from above ,i hope thats only a movie but what if its real

  16. This news reporters are missing to report that Russia's is not an attack but a response to Ukraine talking to join NATO. This would be a MAJOR security risk to Russia. Since NATO would install all types of missiles close to Russia's boarder.
    It would be just like Cuba getting missiles from Russia, and we all know how that went.
    Russia is doing exactly the same that the USA did and does all the time.

  17. God is mad at Europe and North America there making people suffer and their cries going to god…There’s a flood coming Repent ask for forgiveness

  18. All vaccine cards are fake. Because the vaccine is fake (quoting the cdc). If the vaccine stopped the virus, the unvaccinated would be no threat. Right?…

  19. "What's next…" the guy says. Well, I think the building code standard needs to be revised asap so that these violent storms are accounted for. "Build back stronger…" … 😉

  20. We see in the bible these things were to happen in the last days and the LORD'S SPIRIT will be lifted and therefore these terrible disasters will occur with more intensity as the weeks go by WE ARE NOW IN THE LAST DAYS AND JESUS WILL RETURN AS HE SAID IF HE DID NOT COME SOON THERE WOULD BE NO ONE LEFT ALIVE.

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