Global National: Oct. 25, 2021 | Bomb cyclone slams North America's West Coast with wild weather

In tonight’s top story: A record-breaking bomb cyclone is slamming North America’s West Coast, bringing extreme weather to parts of British Columbia and the United States. We look at how it’s left tens of thousands powerless amid the destruction.

The bad weather is also making it impossible for a salvage crew to board a container ship that caught fire off British Columbia’s coast. Robin Gill looks at the fears for the environment and what the situation could mean for the supply chain.

Amid complications due to the pandemic, a global supply chain crunch has persisted for months, creating backlogs of container ships waiting at key ports, and gridlock from railyards to warehouses. Anne Gaviola explains what’s behind the delays and higher costs for consumers, and when we could see its end.

Meanwhile in Ottawa, who will be the new faces joining Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet? How will he maintain his commitment to gender parity? And which current ministers could be shuffled out? Abigail Bimman looks at the possibilities on the eve of Trudeau’s cabinet shuffle.

The Canadian Armed Forces appears to be struggling retaining and recruiting people. And amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, the military also wants to recruit more women. Ross Lord reports on the CAF’s challenges.

Plus, thousands of documents leaked by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen are supporting claims the social media giant is endangering democracy, spreading misinformation, and promoting radicalization. Despite that, as Jackson Proskow reports, Facebook insists it’s not prioritizing profit over safety.

And the erupting Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma has turned life on the Spanish island upside down, as flowing lava displaces thousands of people who have now lost everything. As Eric Sorensen explains, scientists say this volcano is proving to be unpredictable.

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  1. More climate alarmism being pushed from state run media.. even though Canada accounts for 1.6 of global carbon emissions we’re being treated like a tax in this country will change the weather on this planet and this would never happen ..they call them flood planes for a reason.. same thing happened in 1949.. exact same thing in 1990 with pictures.. yet media is bound and determined to push our crime minister’s climate agenda…Time to start recognizing the media for what it is, fear mongering state run propaganda.. using natural disasters and peoples misfortune and heartache to push a climate agenda is disgusting

  2. Calling a ‘storm’ a ‘bomb’ is so wrong….we live with enough terror in our lives yet the media needs to make matters worse….think about children and elderly who hear these terms…absolutely unconscionable!

  3. They knew in advance that the weather is going to topple the cargo container. Why didn’t they unload asap when the ship arrived. Carrying chemicals must be given priority in weather like this

  4. Im glad Im out of FB few years ago.. when I start seeing hatred post, families torn apart bcoz of FB and other negative impact like stress from FB, I deactivated right away.. I see young generations addicted to social media, I wont be surprise if this addiction can lead to mental health issues oneday…

  5. Its about time that mainstream started reporting on stories that most viewers aren't aware of. Facebook is corrupted and most recently has been also cited for interfering with the last USA elections. Everyone should also be paying attention to Anthony Fauci as he too was lying. Its all online but you just have to find it. Global: keep up the good work and this will separate you as a credible news source over fake CBC and The National.

  6. The another reason they completely missed is the treatment of the Veterans by the Liberal government. I just can't forget that sight of crying young disable veteran in front of Justin Trudeau and Trudeau's reply was "They are asking for more…"

  7. if it were more then just me then i would be tempted to argue on parlement hill about the real truth of black americans and native people of america. one or six or 20 never change anything! kinda like ronin war parties right!

  8. In Jehovah God's new world in the hands of Christ Jesus the earth will be a paradise again with the weather controlled by Jesus!! 😊😊Matt 8:23-27 Jesus calmed a storm with his words. Luke 23:43

  9. Most countries are governed by their military now, will Canada appoint some Generals for International Trade…, left, right, left, right, left, right, LEFT!

  10. That's it global , push the climate change agenda of the liberal party , left wing crazy , ! It's called evolution , happens all the time , and it's raining in Ontario what do you make of that ? LMFAO 🤣 scare mongers stop it !

    any plans to deal with the…, SOON!…, no papers, that didn't go down well, back in the 40ies…, NO PAPERS!!! IBM would give them a number, YOU would tatoo it to their arms, then I think YOU had different CAMPS…, now, where will we send…, THE UNVACCINATED, pray, tell me…

  12. The Military is hardly a place for women to sign up!!! The Sexual Misconduct is disgusting!!! There is absolutely nothing being done about it, but studies and inquries that are costly and end up with no impact on cleaning up the sexual misconduct. When you have men like VANCE stating "I am untouchable" and have no fear of being held accountable, well there is a BIG PROBLEM!!!!

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