GOP governors resist Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate

Republican leaders are pushing back against President Biden’s vaccine mandate. However, new research shows the unvaccinated are 11 times more likely to be hospitalized or die of COVID-19. Weijia Jiang reports.

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  1. Republicans literally don't care if people die because of their BS as long as they think they can get a bit of political gain. they are disgusting.

  2. There is no government like no government. Fear propergander turn it off. Freedom of choice trumps your tyranny. Live free or die. This is all a bunch lies and disinformation.

  3. These Governors have blood on their hands as they make political judgements over the lives of their citizens. The states are absolute mess with people dropping like flies!

  4. How about all the illegal immigrants he is allowing in our country who are coming here with Covid, they are not required to test for Covid, not required to get the vaccine?

  5. "Logic is an enemy and the truth is a menace." (Rod Serling – Obsolete Man, The Twilight Zone)
    Welcome to the Twilight Zone in real life.

  6. What has the gov't been correct about? NOTHING!! If you get covid get treated. Being vaccinated doesn't stop you from spreading it.

  7. Just curious.. With all of these "breakthrough cases" being reported by vaccinated people, you very rarely (if ever) hear about people being re-infected. I can't even find statistics on it. If I got Covid in January then why would I get innoculated again.

  8. If any of you wonder how civil wars get started? It starts with forcing people to do things against their will.

  9. Eleven times more likely to die… Stunning numbers. Until you realize they're discussing a .001% chance of dying vs .011% (Not actual numbers but a demonstration of this sort of linguistic slight of hand with statistics) That is why there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. Damn, I'm not even anti vaccine. But what in the actual name of James Madison's powdered butthole is going on in this country? Everyone is far more insane than usual.

  10. This is a self solving problem, solve by evolution. People who do not
    get the vaccinated have poor judgement. They are many times more likely
    to get sick and/or die because of the newer variants . The remaining
    population would be more intelligent with better judgement. This would
    happen with as few as 10 or 20 million deaths. The population loss
    would be solved by inviting people from Thailand Twain Korea .et cetera

  11. Who do you think you are Joe? This is America and you haven’t got the right to tell us to do anything. You and your administration are communist Nazis. What’s next? Concentration camps for the unvaccinated? You haven’t got a clue what’s coming and you have pushed the real patriots too far.

  12. Lol… Love how these fools are focusing on red states and ignoring New York, New Jersey and California and D.C.. The absolute worst areas to get Covid in are the biggest bootlicking deep blue states there are.

  13. Im confused, why do we need to vaccinate to protect others? Arent you protected if you get vaccinated? No need for logic here.

  14. So tired of this propaganda! Let's secure the southern border, get America's out of Afghanistan! Get back to work and school and get rid of this fake old senile maniac!

  15. lmao 11 times greater to die when will they be done lying I just went to reptile show with 600 or more people and 90 percent of us didnt have a mask on and that was 3 weeks im fine and I haven't head of anyone else getting sick from that show either

  16. Every GOP Governor ALREADY has vaccine mandates in his/her state. This is shameless, deadly politicizing of the Covid vaccine. This is a ploy to stoke fear (freedom!!! lol), and get votes from the shrinking, dying (pun intended) GOP voters. America has had mandatory vaccines since George Washington, but the GOP conspiracy theory paints even the pandemic as a Democratic plot. Pay for your stupidly with your death, fine. But don't then go running to the hospital for care. After all, you know more than the evil, Democratic medical community. So, stay away,

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