1. The law of Guyana were abandoned the day the Election was given to PPP and the court system made all frivolous reason why the Election petition cannot be heard up to this day … they dont want the truth to be exposed this is a Disgraceful and lawlessness.

  2. These vaccines work differently on everyone, how do you know how it will work on your child?
    Would it make them more Ill or healthier?

  3. Who is the cause of the long prolong in hermon he don't want to accept pnc and he lost the fucking election that all he had to do jackass

  4. When all this currup court system will stop ford you don't have brain money buy you out but if you all think your all did noting by try to thieft we election and yet you all acting as if noting happens well you all better think again

  5. Argan is not above the law,he is bound to consult with the opposition leader an stop being vindictive to the people of Guyana also the constitution an stop bluffing about bringing Guyanese together and also to stop serving his own ambition and interest.

  6. What about Declaration article provisions amendment /and not roaming in office telling you why you so perfect purgery -forgeryat it over and over again eye teach you to teach eye to teach each eye to teach you to teach you in big firings anchorage of you win because you got all the guns, the keys , the moneys, and the free people who those talk too much about what them want on TV for international news to listen to the point of views so none of them don't know to drive and kill and all who does drive and teach people is the littlest Academy of bandits and rascals greatest teaching to trust them as international and local disbelief ers evil believer .

  7. Why the ppp want the petition to dash out if ppp win the election fairly then let people hear the case the ppp rig the election that is why they r afraid

  8. Mohammad Yasin u is a fool the ppp in power crime on the increase high cost of living Guyanese stilll in poverty the country is worst under the ppp

  9. Law enforcement in Guyana are successfully rounding up cannibis dealers yet they cannot round up the stick up men ,murderers and rapists.

  10. Me like talk the truth and the truth will make me free me no alot of people na like me but almighty God always love me

  11. This world is almighty God world so why them white man not giving people Visa that why the covid na go done

  12. Gradually being Exposed is PPP strategy for a Dictatorship:- Cleanse Govt of Afro Guyanese, then stack with PPP cronies. President Ali is a Mascot to Jagdeo & Nandlall. Ali runs around making promises Jagdeo will not let him keep. Name one meaningful Ali Initiative which came to pass?

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