Hundreds of anti-Taliban protestors take to streets of Afghan capital – BBC News

Hundreds of protestors including many women have taken to the streets of the Afghan capital Kabul, in the biggest show of dissent since the Taliban took control of the country.

Many in the crowds chanted slogans against neighbouring Pakistan whose government they accuse of supporting the Taliban.

The Taliban have announced an interim government three weeks after they took control of most of the country.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by correspondent Secunder Kermani in Kabul.

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  1. The fact that the Taliban are allowing foreign journalists to report, meeting foreign diplomats and allowing women to protest in public shows that the Group has changed a lot. This was definitely not allowed in the 90s.

  2. 1:02 lol, that's so false, they feed even the propaganda to Afghan people, Taliban are not Afghans, maybe only 20% of them are signed to join Taliban out of being desperate and being freed from prisons. The Taliban leaders are all Paks, most of Taliban can't even speak Farsi, they are pure pakistanis. The are trained and founded in Pakistan by Pakistan, Taliban have no support outside Pakistan, Afghan people never voted or supported Taliban. It angers me that they pretend being Afghans and Pakistan just gets away with it without getting it's reputation or it's name hurt and gives poor defenseless Afghans the bad reputaion, while Pakistan is Taliban, Taliban is Pakistan.

  3. Salam, Peace for all from Taliban already expressed their views in their speech given below by their media advisor. All people of Afghan must cooperate with Taliban so that they can able to give them their RIGHTS in Good Manner like Education, Business, Jobs etc. INSHAH ALLAH Thanks
    Here are few example for their Leaders and Nation that how they can educate and give them confidence about peace in Afghanistan. Insha'Allah

  4. I need protection and the cops or the feds here in tulsa ok are no help there all in on it I was kidnapped hundreds of years ago from Rome I was the princess of king Kronos and queen rhea and I was Ra I've lived several lives please I need support I realized my mom sold me to the illuminate seriously this is not a joke and there all around me in this neighborhood this is not a joke I need protection immediately Trump Trump I trust him please I need protection because I have the Information the world needs please help the government the cops and feds are involved in this cover up I've been shot 5 times in the last 2 weeks once from a helicopter from a sergent here in tulsa ok Sergent keighlee please idk what else to do what I know will shock the nation. I'm sarah shaw and I was Ra its time they stop trying to kill me. I stand against the dark forces and the US government let it be known.

  5. Well, if the perceptions created by BBC about Taliban were even remotely correct, then all of these women have been dead by now. No?

  6. They look like crazy women chasing a dream that doesn’t exist. All 500 of them. Some protest hey in a nation of 50 million plus these 500 nutty women are given BBC coverage. Oh dear the western narrative is in tatters.

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