A local Ukrainian news channel interviewed me to ask me about how and why I moved to Kyiv and why I decided to buy an apartment here. The story is in Ukrainian language, but if you click “CC” then “Subtitles” you can turn them on to read what they’re saying.

Original Full 1 Hour Segment:

Lawyer: Tetiana Yakovenko –
Agent: Masha Filimonova – masha5142@gmail.com

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  1. You wonder Johnny, how much influence you and Ben have had on bringing the world of Ukraine to the masses. Certainly I knew nothing about Ukraine before you guys came along. Grateful to you both. x

  2. I might have to travel a few extra minutes to meet my friends for lunch, but at least when I go to rent/buy places I don't need to hire a lawyer or expect to need to show up with a suitcase of money.

  3. That is crazy fascinating! A american living in Ukraine is giant news to them! I believe 1000% that. More and more americans will start moving to other countries, America is getting expensive and we are starting to have the same infrastructure, economic, healthcare and political unrest that we used to only see on the news from 3rd world countries.

  4. Funny. Will they do a video about every foreigner who buys a house in Ukraine ? I know at least 10-12 people like that from my closest friends 😀

  5. You have come to right place ..you got Film offer and now on local TV news .. What else someone needs more than that … you are destined to be here … Happy for you johnny FD…

  6. I always said "I want to live in a country where I DON'T understand a word so…I don't have to listen to the stupidity of the people". So far I have lived in…10 countries for over 10 years. 😀

  7. Don't mess with Johnny. He is a former Asian Boxer. In America, Buying a home is not that simple either. First you need to get a bank pre-approval of your loan amount before buying a house. Need to deposit 15% or more at least Then, look for a real estate agent who can show you a house. He or she has authority to unlock the door to show you around. If you like the house, then he will fill out the contract form to offer the house. The home buyer and the home seller will negotiate the price. If the seller agrees for the price. The buyer will hire a free agent to inspect the home. If something is wrong with the home, the buyer can ask the seller to fix it. After that, the buyer needs to call his home insurance to buy the insurance. Then, you hire a lawyer to deal with the final paper work to witness the transaction. For the buyer, you need to ask the seller to buy a one-year home warranty for you. Ask the seller to help paying closing cost (may be 50-50). For real estate lawyer, it depends on the States or Provinces you live in. Some States do not need lawyer, but need to go to bank and notary. After signing the final paper with lawyer, you will get your home key. Oh, Home warranty will pay you to re-key the home you just bought and repair any appliance that is not working after you move in. The Process will take about 2 months. The bank will send you mortgage to pay. In the mortgage, it includes proper tax, home insurance, principal and interest. Why does the bank include property tax and insurance? The bank is smart because the home is belong to the bank and the bank wants to make sure you pay for these two items. After you pay off the loan, then you're responsible to pay your own property tax and insurance every year.

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