Inside the Taliban's Takeover of Afghanistan

Reporter Ben C. Solomon and his team were in Kandahar as the Taliban closed in. In a VICE News Tonight special report, VICE News looks at the sweeping takeover in Afghanistan and what’s next.

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  1. Terribly sorry for the suffering people, hearing gunshots can result in a life long trauma.
    The Taliban isn't however doing anything that's not written on the Quran. So all the Muslims should know what they are signing up for.

  2. This is the fault of the corrupt establishment government in the USA, the same government that has tricked/ is tricking the democrats into supporting them

  3. Why do you want people to think that America is the best nation in the world? After all, the average american intelligence is low. Everyone knows it. Is your boss on the payroll of the American Gov? I don t get it. So sad to see how all these people suffer because of political interests. Do you really think is a surprise? 🙂 … You are not real journalists. Shame

  4. The islamic law is not only cutting hands and stoning it’s more then that but when media trying to let all eyes focus on that , it starts to be suspicious ,and those ppls can do it right if they really apply what quoran and sunnah shariah law on the ground.

  5. I don't care that I might get redflagged for this. I will say this, there are people looking forward to be jailed in the US, but absolutely noone wants their hand chopped off. And no taxpayer money going to keeping that person under lock and key.

  6. Jesus Christ vice you have a documentary called this is what winning looks like. Showing the drug addicted Afghan forces. Being embedded with commandos trained and equipped with modern weapons. Obviously. They’re ready. The documentary was embedded with a random police post in Kandahar. Showing the pedophilia drug addiction and corruption rampant in the military. But now it’s all pro war we should have never left and stayed there forever? After the HBO buyout you guys really pull the establishment line don’t you?

  7. Yes man i agree you this fight was never fair. Worlds 63 most power full countries with their best armies, best drones, best airforces, best inteligence, blind taxpayers behind them Who were paying for everything and most importantly 300000 afgan slaves from afg army against some young orphans with rusty AKs from 1980s and dont Even have Basic weapon trainig this is soo soo unfair. Taliban should throw away their aks and start fighting with hands then IT Will be fair hahaha👍👍👍👍

  8. In ancient times Afghanistan was rich and prosperous but when they were invaded by Genghis Khan that all collapsed and Afghanistan has been basically controlled by 12 tribes splitting the territories up among those 12 and this is how it has been ever since I really don't know if they are capable of having a government and being unified by themselves with absolute no help from foreign aid

  9. "The Situation unfolding on the Ground" – If he got a Dollar every time he said that he wouldn't have to be a Reporter. "Mother of all Battles", "Axis of Evil", "Weapons of Mass Destruction" – all these cliches, and now it seems they're playing Guitars!

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