Jamaica News Today July 4 2022/JBNN

Jamaica News Today July 4 2022/JBNN

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  1. This man must have snapped, I can't believe that this man is so Heartless to kill his helpless wife. He probably got overwhelmed with the responsibility of taking care of her, so sad, it's a pity he didn't seek help, may her soul rest in peace 🙏

  2. It's a disgrace what is going on in our country people getting killed everyday and indecom along with the human rights bodies are the main reason why these criminals are carrying on the way they are because they don't respect life are the law people have power but not using it Jamaican public need to stand up to these human rights bodies who is defending these gun men

  3. The justice system in Jamaica is showing us peer corruption we all seen how these people is showing sympathy to a man that murder 4 kids!! Oh my god so what kind of examples they are showing these murderers!! Ooh That they can continue to murder kids and get these special kind of treatment in jail!! I sorry fi all a who in this system who involved in these corruptions!! Fi unuh day a go come dreadful!! Memba unuh is not God

  4. Rushane Barnett is a liar and a murderer this video have to release so the worl could see that he was not hurt during his capture and in lock, if not people would hear that he was abuse and indecom antagonize police officers.

  5. The root causes of crime isn't being addressed in Jamaica . The political leaders refuses to secure the ports and wharf plus upgrade the outdated laws as good laws will affect too much criminals and that will affects too much votes plus the garrison don structure. The people are only concerned when violence and murders affect their immediate family. It's hard to say but people today are getting comfortable hearing about shootings, rapes, kidnappings, extortions, robberies and murders as long as it's not their family or close friends. So the government and political leaders don't do anything much because it's not their family or friends being extorted or killed. Is this the future Marcus Garvey and the other Heroes bled and died for?

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