Jamaica News Today October 24 2021/JBNN

Jamaica News Today October 24 2021/JBNN

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  1. I'm amazed that people are so foolish. How could people behave like that? Were these people a Christian or a good church goers. Were they blind?Was there no one to see that the man was not normal. He was possessed.

  2. Dr Horace chang and major Anthony Anderson along with the governor General and the pm..we the Jamaican ppl are crying 😢 out for too long about the police 🚔 force please revamped it now most.of these police are doing the country more harm than good..we're tired 😫 😩

  3. He was stripping them – what in the entire fuck was going on at that church? And why these people acting like what happened had never happened before? Seems like all this shit had been going on all along and this man is so connected the police and out wicked leaders neglected to do anything about it. Wonder how many other churches in Jamaica are just like this one. No wonder there are so many missing women and girls on the island.

  4. 👁️🇬🇧🏖️🏝️My condolences 🌺 to the 3 victims may there souls rest in peace and there deaths be not on vain a full international investigation is needed ⛅🔥

  5. The congregants of this church is the real problem!!! After all the poverty taking place in Jamaica dem ha money fi gi Dutty man!!!! Who cuss n pit pon dem? Dem want a caning evenly with him!!!

  6. Michelle thanks for continuous reporting with CREDIBLE news , you have covers a lot and it's hard to comprehend what has been happening in our Country. If citizens can't trust or rely on the police to deal with corruption who should they turn to. Blessings

  7. After dealing wid Donald trump whe people still defend him, mi nuh surprise seh deh pastor yah still have loyal followers who a defend him demonic moves 😒😒😒 people a Gwaan too desperate fi get quick microwave blessings….people give up pon God and think seh life done already…smh🤦🏾

  8. This man is so nasty and disgusting. My God please don't used the holy name of God by saying its a church cause its not. Say gatherings thats more appropriate.

  9. Every day more and more strange things come out about that "pastor" and the church. I can't believe people continue going to that place even after witnessing all the wrong him did. I've even heard some of congregants/cult members still continue to defend their cult leader .

  10. Sir the reason why the police didn't contact you after you went to report the matter is because they themselves are visiting that crazy man for so call deliverance. Kevin will work his voodoo and escape all the charges like always. The Bible is being fulfilled.

  11. He must have had the pow pow under his control why they didn’t take action 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️but then again they gave him royal treatment with motorcade parade with marching band and people lining the street on his Birthday

  12. What a nasty dutty man, my God, yes police to be blame fi true omg, report done and the police did nothing, i beleive though they don't go because they can't believe someone with five senses let this demonic man let you shame yourself in front of people like that, no sah,all mad people .again one fool Make many.

  13. Why so much road fatalities in the parish of St Elizabeth and Manchester all the time? government need to widen the roads in rural areas and put up more signs to avoid such incidents…About the pastor situation those mothers who stripped their daughters naked in Church and exposed them deserves to be hanged by their clitoris.. just show you they will sell their children into prostitution

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