Jamaica News Today October 9 2022/JBNN

Jamaica News Today October 9 2022/JBNN

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  1. people fi.memba seah brogad sell out the country a ready and collect wa him fi collect,so now the people them come fi collect,its just that the jamaican people them who a go through all this now helpless,smh it ruff sa jah jah..

  2. Jamaican people you all need to do massive demonstration, this is wrong, where are these poor people with they children are going to live, this is why so much poverty is said to be exist in Jamaica 🇯🇲😢I was born in poverty, in Jamaica 🇯🇲 I have to give thanks to America 🇺🇸 to take me out of that poverty, glory be to God, Jamaica 🇯🇲government is a dirty liar gangster scammers especially corruption Andrew Holnes is the master for corruption, Jamaica 🇯🇲is the worst island 🏝in the world 🌎just because of the so-called prime Minister Andrew holnes, wicked ass devil 😈😉😀😜🙄😢😈you Andrew holnes need to tell the people of Jamaica 🇯🇲 how Pearnel Charles paid for so many Acres of land, Pearnel Charles is ugly just like Desmond Mckenzie, and you Andrew holnes are getting very ugly too, it is sins coming down on all of you, wickedness

  3. mr prime minister please wise on how to deal with this property thing person spend their life saving on them ,some even borrow to to build ..don't get mi illegal is illegal but make wise decision

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