1. Lol I thought that rat 🐀 went underground. I guess even she needs to come ground level for attention. Wow no shame always fighting for attention.

  2. Very Persuasive
    Because its True, Tiring but True. Stop Crying.
    Queen Makayla, what up Queen. And you Ambidextrous, more of you Left Hand than Right. I'm Right Handed but Work Magic with my left too. My Dark Rarity with the Long Legs. Be Happy Pretty Lady its our Birth Day. Real Talk No Lie.
    -Feeling like Queen Makedah

  3. "I'm not resigning but you should"… Really??? Please get rid of all these REALIRY STAR wanna BE's!!! They wish they could be called POLITICAL FIGURES instead of trumps minions!!

  4. Why hasn't these officials been fired like he claimed he was going to do if they refuse to resign!
    He needs to fire them now not only to make an example of them but prove his threat that they would be fired if they wouldn't resign! Fire these orange-faced monster sycophants now! He needs to clean out the doj the FBI the CIA in the department of Homeland security of all the orange faced monster sycophants that are hiding in those institutions, which is about 50%! Until this is done we're going to have a bunch of problems because they don't take domestic terrorism and the lies and the conspiracy theories seriously! That's why they have proliferated to the point where it's going to cause the civil war!

  5. Of course these bottom feeders won’t resign , they would never have the job if wasn’t for the incompetent trump appointing them.All of trump nazis should be forcefully removed and tried for crimes against humanity

  6. I love how y’all support the same man who is the reason why 14,000 people a minute are illegally crossing the border. The reason why talaban took over, the reason why gas prices are higher then your electrical bills, the reason why we are trillions in debt, and also the reason why we are falling apart – not to mention he also never spoke at all at the 9/11 memorial.. he’s a disgrace of a president, I’d rather have trump – it’s not even about politics, this is downright about survival now

  7. Joe Biden is Treating Us the People of America as Slaves too Biden's Kingdom I Say We the People Remove Joe Biden By Force if he is not Willing too Step down as President on his own My For Fathers Dye for this Country I'm Willing too Die Removing Joe Biden Who's With Me? We the People Not Me King Biden and Queen Harris Stand up and Say NO MORE and Leave your Home and Show up at the Gates of the Whitehouse We the People Will Force Joe Biden Out of that Whitehouse I'm Willing too die for What I Believe in Lets Find out is Biden and Harris?

  8. I understood Sean Spicer was a Navy Veteran and was qualified to serve in this position. Sean was in an invidious position giving robotic idiotic answers to satisfy The imbecilic former guy. Sean has served his pennance by going on Dancing with the stars an equivalent of being put in the stocks fr public shaming

  9. After the decimation by Trump of pretty much EVERY Obama appointee just out of petulant spite regardless of their work history, the irony of these demonstrably dishonest propagandists complaining about losing their jobs conforms to the American neo-fascist narrative. At least Biden is sophisticated and generous enough to invite them to resign. Childish loser Trump and his pathetic sycophantic cronies couldn't even manage the dignity of that.

  10. What about Mrs. Clinton’s campaign manager being charged for crimes about the lies about Trump and Russia? What about Biden’s kid and the emails ? Biden wouldn’t be president if we knew Biden’s family money trails to other Countries… You made your bed now you can lay in it…..

  11. The man who was called the.kingsmaker, want he the early of Warrick? I dont remember but I do wonder sometimes if the Conway have that strategy. Warrkick married his kids off on both sides of the war of the roses so he won either way. Is that what they re up to? There s something funny there.

  12. In actual news that the propaganda outlets will never share with you: Chicago is taking in HUNDREDS of Afghan children that have NO parents with them. Taken in by the very same people that claim America is an “evil” “racist” “imperialist” country and they are sending them to Chicago; a city considered more dangerous than Kabul. Isn’t that child abuse?? These children will be wards of a city that has proven it cannot/will not protect its own children. But I will bet that Social Services will provide them more attention/assistance than US children. AND, none of them have been vaccinated for COVID nor will they be required to be!!

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