Latest News on schools, colleges Reopening in Telangana | Sakshi TV

Latest News on schools colleges Reopening in Telangana | Sakshi TV

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  1. i do not understand howcome the ts govt is planning to open schools now? corona cases are increasing a lot again and schools are being opened in ts whereas lockdown in other states. do not keeep schools children in danger .

  2. Schools and clgs laa covid safety thiskuntaru okk… Mari hostlers sangathenti private hostels la evadanna rules and regulations patisthada… Food kuda anthantha mathramey untadi akkada…. So better don't open schools and clgs

  3. Sir koncham ye comments anni chadivi mee decision teesukondi pichi pichi ga decission teesukunte maa pillalaku chaduvu kanna valla pranam mukhyam schools open cheyakandi next new academic year start cheyandi

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