Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – July 19 | NBC News NOW

Another member of Team USA tests positive for Covid-19, a shooting outside D.C.’s baseball park injures three people, and Jeff Bezos makes final preparations for Blue Origin’s first fully-crewed launch.

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  1. We DONT BELIEVE YOU…wanna see a REAL PANDEMIC?? Watch the movie OUTBREAK..Thats NATURAL human response..the doctors didnt have a CLUE but for some reason, SOMEBODY makin names up for this " Natural" virus🤔 they got names AND numbers already…different variant names WHO TF is naming them?? We only know about COVID, cuz TV told us…just went to the Hospital in INDY…no covid nothing goin on but REGULAR life..

  2. NBC News Help me Brutish Governament give me some time 99 year's old workar my grand father is old workar is brutish Governament salts workar Grex salt mari pur salt is UK 1917

  3. There should always b a plan and it should b explained before the event. The MC should explain d procedure and avoid chaos and more casualties than we've had at theaters, schools, factories, offices; federal bldgs….etc and dont forget the night club in chicago where everyone wanted get out at one spot and many died from piling on top of a other; asphyxiating those below. We. Should be told what to do! It should be our right as patrons.

  4. Given the timeframe that Texas democrats left home and arrived in Washington D.C., is it more likely they brought it with them or caught it after arriving? Presumably, the percentage of the Texas population vaccinated is less than the Washington D.C. population's vaccination levels. It seems more likely Texas residents were exposed in the airport or on flights originating in Texas as opposed to exposure in Washington D.C., but in reality that is an oversimplified assumption given the rapidly changing spread of the delta variant's infection geographically.

  5. For Black And Brown People And Alike, We Don't Trust President Trump and the Fact It Was Created On His Watch, And He's Clearly Showed How He Feels About Us All…
    And The Very Vaccine He Pushed To Get Developed In Recorded Time, Now He And Replications Are Pushing NOT To Take…

  6. Masks are supposed to be mandatory inside airplanes, why those politicians from Texas had no masks? Even if is not an airplane they still should have masks on.

  7. DES in Maricopa County update your voter registry..
    One 🗳 per person per address.
    Not one ballot per evrey address ever registered under any1 person
    Vote in person always..
    I still have my extra 🗳 here in maricopa County..
    Dead ppl wer mailed ballots and they voted.. They mailed ballots to evrey registered addresses of democrats..
    the distribution of ballots..
    My extra ballot is cute

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  9. But vaccinated people are still testing positive for it…..So trust the science? Rapture is gonna happen then Tribulation Just look around and you can it, IF you want to.

  10. None of that stuff that that lady said about vaccinating convinced me at all if there’s fewer things for us to do in society because we can’t and won’t be vaccinated no gain no loss

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