Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – July 20

A pediatricians group issues new mask guidance for schools, Covid cases climb in Tokyo ahead of the Olympics, and Prince Harry says he plans to release a memoir.

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  1. Bottom line ..good Mask (stop virus transmission)+vaccine (give protection).Both should have been mandatory at this point & at early on set, because they work scientifically! Yet government &CDC failed to take early action to do massive testing & isolation . All the smartest experts&wealth of the country cannot save 610000+life..Rather they keep putting out political talk ….Blaming others &even other countries…Divert the mistake from top down!.. Be humble ,learn from countries which has relative success in controlling infection & transmission.(eg Hong Kong)

  2. Why is anyone complaining about masks still when the vaccines aren't even FDA approved yet. CDC or not.

  3. 05:46 lies 🤥 any medical professionals will say PPE is the first choice and ur first defenses against any airborne or droplet disease than any vaccines… we were handling covid / H1n1 /mers cov even without vaccines and yes thanks God we still didn't get those..

  4. As soon as the government passed laws eliminating vaccine manufacturers of any liability, I said no thanks to the shot! C

  5. The following was found so far at Maricopa forensic audit:
    74,243 more mail-in ballots were received than were mailed out
    3,981 voted despite having registered after the Oct. 15 deadline
    11,326 voted who were not on voter rolls on Nov. 7 but were on Dec 4
    18,000 voted and then were removed from rolls after the election
    This is 107,550 suspicious ballot, 97,093 more, than the official winning margin.
    The total ballot count is also off by a significant number, however this has not been released yet. (source: NATIONAL FILE. “It looks like a couple hundred thousand ballots are unaccounted for. The ballots are missing.”). A separate, independent ballot paper count will be held by another organisation, with 2 newly purchased paper counters. The purpose is to compare the 3 sets of numbers, the official, the audit and the paper count numbers. The possibility of further counts can not be excluded.

  6. This is exactly what I needed to being my healing from these traumas that causes me to become so fearful and paralyzed by situations that triggers my trauma! I’ve been praying and this is one of my answers to my prayers. Thank you! God bless you doctor IYAYA

  7. Really because these vaccines are proving to not work very well at all and they also fall off really quickly compared to previous vax. Most of this is lies or half truths. What they don't tell is roughly 40% of these new cases are of vaccinated people, but they don't tell u this. I wonder why, because these vax are garbage causing blood clots heart attacks, etc.

  8. It is now a known fact evidence has been leaked proof that the origin of COVID was Manufactured by the Americans, at Fort Detrick. Dr Fauci was trying to live.They first tested it in Salisbury in the UK so I don't know why England bothers. Then they intimidate Japan & tell them they couldn't produce any weapons, then they built 52++ Nuclear Plants there and Japan is now the actual Weapon of Mass Destruction, because if you blow them you blow all the countries like Indo-Pacific, Myanmar, China, Australia, and then there is no telling what would happen. Has their madness have, no end. Japan what are you doing be on the right side of History and do that quickly stop thinking they have it over you. They created ISIS, Taliban, so on so forth when are you going to stop them from this madness. If you are against The Whole World then I guess we will be against you all too. ''The Great Game'', not the Last Game terrorism starts from America, the offspring of England. Look at them? Is the Sovereign not big enough for you all. Yes we welcome the Queen yet she aint no Queen if she is against the very Sovereign Countries expecting them to help her Mentally unwell people. The American Governance.
    I suppose the Oil Olligarchs want to mine for free in freedom. That truly takes The Land of the Free to a Next Level.

  9. If you're required to wear masks then why get The vaccine it's ridiculous.. either the vaccine is effective or it is not quit playing with people

  10. Get ready. They are brainwashing people that the unvaccinated are to blame for spread. Then come the flu season they will be blamed

  11. √ Look at your family and friends and put your house in order if you don't get vaccinated.
    COVID droplet can live up to 3 hours airborne in an enclosed room — Let's say you enter a room after (no mask) choir practice or sports bar event and the room will be teaming with droplets. if you are the only one in the room for minutes you can still get infected through your mouth, nose and/or eyes. IF you are vaccinated and still get COVID you won't suffer as much including no longterm lingering effects, but NO VACCINE you most likely will DIE or live a lifetime with COVID SIDE effects.

    Note: The life expectancy of VOC contaminated item is as follows:

    3 hours on fabric
    4 hours on cardboard
    24 hours on metal
    42 hours on metal
    72 hours on plastic
    120 hours on glass and ceramics
    up to 3 hours airborne….

    BOTTOMLINE IS TO GET Vaccinated and stop making new variants.


  13. To earn something means you work for it how you doing something when you stole everything your game is coming to end Cochran.

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