NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 19th, 2021

Pediatrics group says all students should wear masks in school, U.S. accuses China of cyberattacks, and Jeff Bezos poised to be second billionaire in space. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:25 Back-To-School Mask Guidance
06:25 Inside New Covid Surge
08:16 Biden Blames China For Cyberattack
10:05 Deadly Floods
11:50 Billionaire Space Race: Jeff Bezos Prepares For Launch
14:57 Restoring Notre Dame
16:11 Inspiring America: MLB History Being Made

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  1. And no mention on the mass protest across the world of vaccine passports! This is not news it’s propaganda !

  2. Yes I think people should wear mask.The virus is not gone all the way. Care about each other.Don't people don't listen.They care. Places should'nt be closed down all the way .People need to be working. Look out for each other. God Blessevery one

  3. I agree, what's the problem with warning a mask. I got the spots and I still warn my mack, better safe than sorry….

  4. Diz iz knot going anywhere covid iz here to stay until its law 2b vaccinated you should be charged with felony if not vaccinated


  6. Why is No one talking about China threatening to nuke Japan? Our ally. Oh yeah, because Joe Biden is owned by China. It's time to put China in check for infecting the world with covid, for their egregious human rights violations concerning Uighur Muslims and for trying to destroy Taiwan's independence. THE CCP IS EVIL! WORSE THAN HITLER!

  7. I no longer go through pains of having herpes disease after I was able to get rid of it with Dr IGUDIA on YouTube herbal medication.

  8. all i have learned is that these ppl can lie and play with the lives of the masses all in the name of money, control over the population and their sick n twisted agenda

  9. I hope America has a plan. Please have these crisis center line up to help individuals. Already had someone calling in a crisis situation. But I was glad to help in tough situations. Pray for the whole world to get better. Everyone is going through something even if it is not bad then others.

  10. standard stuff. Keep your mouth Shut , your nose covered. stay away from crowds.
    but I live in New Zealand. Not America. For that. I do thank God.

  11. ตระกลูหนึ่ง. ..เขามีญาติเป็นร้อยสกุล…เขารู้กันหมดใครใช่ญาติพี่น้องหรือเปล่า..

  12. เกี่ยวอะไร 1 2 3. อย่าพยายามดึงไห้เป็นเรื่องระหว่างกลุ่มมันไร้สาระ

  13. You cherry-pick one Hospital in all of the country where so-call cases is going up and you say see, this is happening all over the country so be scared!!🤔🤏👎

  14. So the Deep state is going to continue to play this game, keep everybody in fear until everyone gets vaccinated!!!🤔👎

  15. They could tell them to drink toilet water to slow the spread and half of America would run to toilet face first🙄 people literally believe the propaganda. Still looking for Saddam's wmd 😂

  16. It is a Fact that US is the biggest Cybersecurity risks.
    Just ask Edward Snowden.
    US should Stop the continuous Allegations without proof.
    Using the Blame games has becomes a STALE excuses for incompetent

  17. An average of 7 million people die every year from tobacco 2.8 million people die from alcohol every year worldwide that's basically 10 million per year so if you think they care about you or your life your crazy

  18. That is so like China to blame us for cyber attacks when they’ve caused this dang Covid crisis! That they Refused to acknowledge but the whole world knows

  19. Black & brown shld be able to sue the country first to do so or heard of.there is a law suit to the white house China an every government officials shld be accountable even that doctor that come on TV telling lies to black ppl

  20. Fear is not a virtue! Boost your immune system and tune away from the stressful fear campaign to save your life.

  21. People are afraid government will shut down everything again. If everyone would just bite the bullet and get the shots it would not be a problem

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