NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 22nd, 2021

Serious setbacks across U.S. with Covid infections and hospitalizations, White House facing pressure on mask guidance as Covid cases rise and major websites hit by an internet outage.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:47 Covid Tipping Point
04:29 Mask Guidance
06:20 Internet Outage
07:48 Gun Violence
09:35 Lester’s Journey To The Olympics
10:50 Exclusive Interview: Japan Prime Minister

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  1. The media wants the economy in shambles.. stirring up controversy. So that the poor stay poorer and the rich sores to higher heights. They create the chaos a man made disease to control the population. With no solution just problems .

  2. So damm should i or shouldnt i get the covid19 shot or not like seriously this is crazy af wtfs really going on another virus but its affecting the young ppl🤔💆🏽🤦🏾 whewwww Chile
    Just wear ur mask&wash ur hands constantly

  3. Not an individual choice, we are not talking happy meals at McD, but the real possibility of infecting others and your own death. Have you no conscience ? Turn off the ignorant Facebook page and wear a mask. Government mandated masks nationwide now ! Its life or death !

  4. If trump said the vaccine is full proof. You all would’ve assassinated his character!! You Democrats are hypocrites!!

  5. Always talking about cases never talking about the test PCR is not for detection of viruses.Kerry Mullis tried to tell the truth and died mysteriously right before covid 19 and it's creator faucci came on the scene #justsaying

  6. Has anyone realized that we need more numbers? I bet what's yours is mine and mine is yours. I just might have to cut personal oxygen bank off.

  7. As DC POLICE CHEIF yelled, stop releasing criminals. Democrats Governors released inmates during COVID to a trap of no success with no job or homes to go to try again. This is on them

  8. Wait. So 2% chance of not getting it wjth vaccine. Alright cool. Isn't there a .01% chance of getting it without the vaccine

  9. New cases and Fauci has not been arrested! How many more mutated viruses will occur; does any honorable, experienced scientists know?

  10. It's still not going to change anything. Just like the floods in Germany… People were talking about the results of something without talking about the source. Conversation didn't get serious until the world started looking at the climate with ADULT eyes. Same problem with guns.. If you keep chasing the "guy on the street" and acting like your solving a gun problem… Then your just marking time, like the last set of leaders.. Until you get to the source of the problem…. Then your just talking like the war on drugs folks… Arresting the guy with a tiny bag of something, like that's making a difference.

  11. What a cowardly media you are, your reports are not based on the truth and facts, competing with China, competing with other countries, and always using despicable behavior.
    Where did the "justice", "peace", and "love" that you talk about all day long? You are the shame of mankind!
    From the 16th to the 17th centuries, those from the United Kingdom underwent cruel colonial rule in the United States, Canada, and Australia, and brutally killed the local indigenous people. Since the 20th century, they have been treated by you junk media and bad-intentioned Hollywood Reverse right and wrong, deceive the people of this country, and deceive the people of the world. The purpose is to cover up the dirty and cruel crimes you have done before.
    I finally know why you have so many "schizophrenia", the reason is: you know the truth deeply, but you have been living in the lies you made up. madness! ridiculous!

  12. Everything is a great show and a great Hypocrisy! Sadly Cuba is just another tool for the benefit of everyone but the Cubans inside the island who are in desperate need and help to fight covid-19. A flotilla to Cuba? And what are they going to do? What are they going to feed the people? Fireworks? This looks like a party or a boat competition … let's be honest this is not going to take away their hunger and the needs they have.

    How ironic, on the other hand, the United States can spend millions of dollars to re-establish the Internet in Cuba. Will the internet fill people's stomachs? Or will it only serve the ghoulish interests of our empire? Taking advantage in a moment where all countries in the hemisfery are suffering the strike of a mortal epidemy…

    Why better yet use that taxpayers' money instead to provide food to those people in need … Of course, this is so if this country really cares about the well-being of those people in Cuba. Many people try to distort reality, and although we should condemn the totalitarian regime of Cuba and its repression, perhaps; we should ask ourselves; Is the empire of the United States innocent? Or is it also largely responsible for the pain and suffering of a country that is struggling and suffering because of our manipulations and economic suffocation?

    On the other hand, however, while the Cuban's government owes seized properties to the United States, How much more does the United States owe to those individuals or an entire country that have starved and died under our supervision for more than 50 years?

    Who will be responsible for compensatory damages to those families who have suffered all these years of blockade under our watch?

    Hypocrisy! and lies!
    If there is no embargo on Cuba as some people say; So let's ask the United States Congress to remove it once and for all, Yes, because it really exists! If you did not know, there are 184 countries that have been demanding that the blockade be removed for 29 consecutive years, and our country has being acting as a true bully that ignores the demands of the world … If you do not believe that this so-called BLOCKADE exists, I invite you to see the following link … https://news.un.org/en/story/2021/06/1094612

    Why do the news channels silence and hide their voices about this great truth? Why do Americans keep this issue in silent complicity, when so many countries have been demanding justice? …

    If you really want to do something for those Cubans INSIDE the country and let more americans know about this; copy and paste this information on other sites … Let's make this viral!

  13. With NBC it's always a gun violence problem, not a violence problem. We all know violence went up 10-fold with all the blm shenanigans.

  14. Yeah looks like it’s gonna be a Civil War all over again arrest everybody take them to Alcatraz open Alcatraz back up for my wife for life come on man

  15. the media keeps telling us how the vaccine works, but also keep telling us how even the vaccinated are getting infected and need to wear masks. It started as a health crisis and now its become a political issue. and yet they media keeps blaming the "unvaccinated" while in the same breath, telling us even the vaccinated need to wear masks, two masks, 5 masks, and getting shots every 3 months. sounds like the government and CDC is replaying the same game, while the American people fight over republican or democrat. can anyone name ONE time the US government HASNT lied to us?

  16. Those dumb demo rats leaving Texas and returning with Covid and spreading it all over, they’re killing innocent people, why is this ok?? What Lester? You didn’t get the life saving Covid shot? Then why are you continuously being tested? Because it doesn’t work. This news station is horrible spreading lies

  17. I see that it's time for the Commissioner of the NFL to go as far as I know he don't own any Dam Slaves in America Slavery was over with years ago trying to pressure players to shoot up or else with that and the White House maybe Joe Biden should be a 1 term President his self trying also to pressure and shame people to get that shot up in there arms and the last time I checked he don't own any Slaves either.

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