New details released on protesters charged in Ottawa

Mackenzie Gray has the latest on the two men charged by police during the protests in downtown Ottawa.

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  1. Somebody in government take chargePLEASE! I am so disappointed in Canadian governments….Trudeau is so weak….Canadians as a whole are to blame here ….we get what we vote for!

  2. Somebody needs to answer why the government controlled cameras that are on virtually every street in the city of Ottawa have been taken off of public internet access. Strange that, eh?

  3. Describing counter protesters….hmmmm. Not a single trucker arrested…grasping at straws…no news about having real news….

  4. Trudeau made the truth go.
    Very grateful for all Canadians who are involved with these protests.
    You are saving mankind from enslavement.
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!!!!

  5. I'm waiting for the burning of city blocks and vehicles, smashing and wholesale looting and stealing from shops, murders, rapes, assaults and other acts of violence, before this truckers convoy can truly be deemed a peaceful demonstration….

  6. I find it interesting that i cant find a report on the person that intentionally ran over 3 protestors in winnipeg while wearing a mask despite being by themselves in their car. Youd think that would be news worthy.

  7. I'd would be pissed off if I was local, hopefully that massive class action against the organisers might quicken it up

  8. I guess everyone calling these truckers heroes for blocking roads and refusing to work would be totally ok if all the paramedics, firefighters and police did the same thing.

  9. does anyone else realize that the news is being pushed and dominates all the small creators now? corporate take over…

  10. These so called news stories are just manufactured from Trudeaus bunker every day thats why they sound like him ,ridiculous .

  11. The locals aren't the truckers… so stop trying to make it seem as though they are one in the same. They are not.
    The local residents acting a fool, is a them problem.
    Honks will continue… disruption is the POINT !!!!

  12. So apparently, getting charged with carrying a stick or a pocket knife or uttering threats are newsworthy events now? Ha ha! Charged,not convicted by the way!

  13. When the bullies aren't afraid of you, your family, your friends… well like I told my friends in Australia you gave up YOUR guns. Now all you have pointy sticks and sharp laguage.
    Doesn't like like your sharp laguage is working very well.

  14. Plenty of food, pizza ovens, sounded like he described a pretty fun gathering aside from the provocateurs they are able to drum up.

  15. Why not report on the governments movements to follow Canadian law and end illegally restricting travel , business and health care decisions !

  16. Uttering Threats at the PROTESTERS… That means the Police are Protecting the Protesters. Hope everyone caught that…

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