Nightly News Full Broadcast – Dec. 5

Remembering Bob Dole and his military legacy, U.S. travel restrictions to go into effect as Omicron variant spreads, and investigation into Michigan high school shooter continues.

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#BobDole #OmicronVariant #MichiganSchoolShooting


  1. Someone help me out
    Why do horrible things happen to good people? But guess what. I still respect everyone and help anyone. Proof helping other people makes u a happier person. And never let someone pity u
    There's millions of people with a worst life no matter what 🎭⛄

  2. put all politicians on Abama-medical insurance,
    they voted and let them use to limit their stay 2 terms of 4 years each and went to Abama-medical insurance
    no protection for public money only for their own
    limit the age of all 65 years and went to Abama-medical insurance
    caught for corruption double term of
    all judges and prosecutors who release criminals
    free if a criminal has done something bad to take away their lisense

  3. The science failed 2nd grade math 794-375=419 “surpass” means more. Less death is better than more death. Whatever we did in 2020 seems to be more effective at preventing death.

  4. Makes no sense to me how war vets can support a coward draft dodging, rich ,spoilt childish , morally vacuous baby man like Trump who insults the military all the time. Dole was a Trumper.


  6. REPENT JESUS IS COMING SOON! ESCAPE THE WRATH THAT IS COMING! Seek the Lord while he may be found!!! Call on him while he is near! Let the wicked forsake their thoughts and the unrighteous their path let them turn to him and he will have compassion for he will abundantly pardon!!!

  7. Every man take note. STOP SCREWING AROUND WITH WOMEN YOU WORK WITH. You will end up losing your job……at a minimum!!! Just let them be lonely keep making your money and move on.

  8. @NBCNews This studio sucks… You all the national news with a studio that's worse than my local news' studio. Do better NBC and stop being cheap. Guess all the $ is being put into MSNBCDEFG network

  9. Electric Vehicles? You guys should be ashamed of yourself. This story is so misleading. I have no problem with protecting the rainforest (That by the way Brazil decided to get rid of a 1/3 of the rainforest for farmland)

    But you don't talk about the other side of the coin. The millions killed by ICE Vehicle pollution. The fact that all the top brands were convicted
    for using test detection devices to fake their emissions. The thousands of children suffering from asthma because of ICE Vehicles. There is a $6B heath tag to our current pollution. You do not talk about the fact that big oil gets so much money from the government to keep gas prices low. You don't talk about the fact that only Tesla is really working on solutions to electrify vehicles while GM and Ford and the rest are dragging their heels.

    Why don't you cover the fact that all people driving ICE cars are getting cheated out of 80% of the money they spend on vehicle maintenance, because Electric vehicle maintenance is 80% less. Or the fact that ICE cars are only 20% efficient.

    You cover news that GM is the leader in electric vehicles when you feel about it, but when you talk about the real leader Tesla, you take a swing at them as if Elon Musk is doing something wrong. Why don't you talk about the fact that Tesla's are the safest vehicles on the road?

    I have been following the nightly news as my main news source, but this onside story disgusts me. Greta Thunberg and other children get it, so are you simply that stupid? That ignorant? Or getting paid to attack Tesla?

    Get a life, because the truth is that the people who bother to know the facts, will always support Tesla and Elon Musk.

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