Nightly News Full Broadcast – October 15th

FDA panel recommends Johnson & Johnson booster shot, Covid vaccine mandates fueling showdowns nationwide, and former President Bill Clinton hospitalized with infection.

00:00 Intro
01:25 – FDA panel recommends J&J booster shot
04:33 – Covid vaccine mandate showdowns
06:53 – Fmr. President Bill Clinton hospitalized
10:19 – Capitol Police officer indicted
11:07 – U.K. lawmaker killed in knife attack
13:04 – Hollywood workers threaten to strike
15:00 – Toymakers struggle with supply chain shortages
16:56 – Heating costs on the rise this winter
19:01 – China’s historic mission to new space station

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  1. If you have standard-height ceilings, your fan should be blowing UP on the low setting, not down, in the winter. This gently circulates the warm air without actually blowing it on you, which always feels cold.

  2. 🤡🤥❌🚫SOCIALISM IS A VERY EFFECTIVE METHOD TO TURN RICH INTO POOR, POOR INTO MISERABLE AND THE LEFT IN POWER INTO MILLIONAIRES!! WELCOME TO BIDEN'S WORLD!! Biden is a disease killing this amazing country, our economy ,our rights and our safety in record time!!!🚫❌🤥🤡

  3. If you quit you job because they attempt to enforce one of those eerie vaccination mandates I commend you. Each time we show strength in this way we bring The U.S. forward in the long journey of defending & enjoying our rights. So call your family, get set up on their couch & Stay strong. We’ll get through this.

  4. I have the same thing as the president but I already owe enough in medical bills so even though it's persisted for two weeks I have no choice but to hope it clears up on it's own.

  5. Stay blessed for the rest of 2021. Despite January 6th and i had got hurt on May 10th of this year Lester stay blessed and being a good guy Life short. Jesus is real Good day Everyone.

    Jesus is good!

  6. I ask myself why have the newscaster not reported beef way before this situation got worse about the supply the man and the cargoes boats why were they so worried about the pandemic and the shots they should be focusing on real facts things that are happening the price is going up and why is the president not dealing with his crap are you guys are worried about is the Covid situation that’s not reality reality is that we have to deal with other things paying bills and all the price is going up

  7. Moderna's product recalled for containing metal particles ('stainless steel')already, pfizer's has human baby pieces in it ( human fetus particles). My boss got the jab & almost died, took a magnet to his arm – the injection site – and it stuck..he was making natural immunity just fine ,shot almost killed him.. ..I almost died dealing with making immunity & you couldn't pay me to get this. remember there's no virus & antibodies in the jab, its new mRna technology. The mandate violates hepa laws, the nuremberg code, the u s constitution.. well informed are not consenting.. just say no.. recipients must 1. Know what they are getting ( which no one does because its new tech, experimental) & 2. Have willing consent. The mandate equals crimes against humanity. Don't believe the lies.. don't forget the truth. The real medicines, the real answers.. Most don't want the mandate, don't have the jab, & aren't getting it. The truth always comes out. The truth about the other shots ( the tuskegee experiment, the anthrax jab, the flu jab + others) is out & spreading. The human is developing.. as the planet moves through the cosmos..the greatest self blooming..all is all, the knowledge goes back into the all.. maybe this all had to happen for humans to understand to stop using chemical weapons.. stop using warfare alltogether.."its against my personal conscious " is a term birthing its against your beliefs/ when you're trying to get / keep your job.. non violent protests , peaceful, are happening all over.. folks are celebrating now as they are protesting, celebrating about the vision + hope of justice.. its darkest before the dawn, a new beginning is dawning..healing always involves pain..the right to life, liberty, + pursuit of happiness is being the change you want to see..India achieved independence from great Britain with non violence, we can do calm, maintain tranquillity, be gentle.. nows the time for integrity + know priorities.. the truth always comes out..congress & all their staff + aides is exempt as per presidents e.o. ( executive order) but not civilians.. Be the change you want to see.. it will happen

  8. Hey NBC, please keep Afghanistan in your news cycle. Maybe 20 seconds? Help the american public to remember afghan girls, women, allies, and especially our american soldiers who are Afghanistan veterans. Their service is not forgotten. Help the viewers stay informed on this ongoing, tangled international story.

  9. Looks like we need to take the battle to D.C.. It’s now or never bro. Everyone has to stand up for our rights. These politicians didn’t build the roads. We, the people payed for them & we, the people layed the asphalt. They just inserted themselves into the mix. We don’t need their help if you really think about it. #LocalGovernmentsOnly

  10. I'll hand it to NBC and the rest of the three letters out there for still calling themselves "news". You have to admire the commitment to the message because they all have the same messages of the day. They all share the same adjectives and adverbs. The same buzz phrases.
    It's great that the media in America still has the protection of the first amendment while others are having theirs taken away.
    Ironic fact, it's not illegal for the media to lie.
    Look it up. Sounds like we need legislation and a committee and a department to monitor….oh wait….we had all that and have all that.
    All controlled by the same people.
    I hope you all enjoy your communism that 81 million people voted for.

  11. Dears,don't show me that you are worry about my security.All the world know very that i have a specific ,strong and infallible protection of Almighty God.If someone has to fear something is all the world and for sure not me.
    By the way,Taylor can you confirm me this information?I noticed recently when i address any strong message to any country, i see a folks of Birds taking the direction of the concerned country.Are they doing something special there like Stars attack from to time and also Storm and flood in some cases?

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