Nightly News Full Broadcast – October 18th

Remembering former Secretary of State Colin Powell, FBI and State Dept. team in Haiti after 17 missionaries kidnapped, conflict over Covid vaccine mandates in Chicago and beyond.

00:00 Intro
02:15 Remembering Colin Powell
05:17 Americans Kidnapped In Haiti
07:53 Vaccine Mandate Showdown
11:00 Ahmaud Arbery Murder Trial
12:46 Former Miami Police Chief Speaks Out
14:51 School Lunch Shortages
16:36 China’s Major Global Infrastructure Push

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  1. The late General Colin Powell, died of COVID-19, even though he, took the 💉, it wasn't any of his other underlining health problems that killed him…… Rest In Power!

  2. "Furthermore, the mass lockout in the world due to Corona has made the major countries know that the global warming did not happen because of factories but because of another reason which they hide from the world, and I know that they are guessing blindly that there is a planet approaching the Earth even though they have not seen it directly due to its different colours; to illustrate, white like the sun, red, and black so how are they going to see a planet that is covered with fire that is darker than a new moon, can you see a new moon despite its closeness to the Earth? It is the same case for planet Saqar when it is covered with intense black fire. But they will know about its coming from scientific theories through its effect on all the planets of the solar system, the sun, and the moon. And the sun has caught up with the moon due to the approach of Planet Saqar, so the full moon occurs ahead of its time before the night of the middle of the lunar month as a repetitive warning in the sky of humans but did not cause them any remembrance
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    Al-Qamar -Chapter: 54 -Verses: 50-51"
    Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yamani
    08 – Rabi Awwal – 1443 AH
    14 – October – 2021 AD
    08:58 am
    (According to the official time of [Mecca] Mother of towns)
    To Non-Arabs and Arabs: The Planet of Torment Has Approached
    (To read the statement in clear and coordinated writing kindly visit the official website of the Awaited Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammed Al-Yamani or search Google using the statement's title)


  3. China is feeding our kids in school! Lmao our american government keeps delegitimizing their stance on chinese exports. The American people now has a front row seat at the amount of dependency we have on Chinese goods, especially from a country we say is bad, or even as far as wanting to go to war with smh.

  4. Go back home and fight for your country…. people in amirica used to bow to the king of england running from your problems dont fix anything look at afganastan


    Colin Powel was the guy who went to UNSC to claim 'proof' of weapons of mass destruction. All this provided an excuse to George W Bush to unless terror on the people of Iraq, for nothing, simply at the behest of zionist terrorists. This was a crime against humanity. Trillion curses on Colin Powel who met his fate. Curses on George Bush+Dick Cheney+Donald late Remsfeld as well

  6. All that dirty s*** you did over the last 50 years caught up with you Mr Powell! I see you finally had to answer for the caca that you did too all of the families and the children. Your time was up, or was it are you really alive given inside information on the luciferian elites to prolong your long miserable life, the life that you manifested

  7. My kids hate me for loving them it's there mother's that was also getting molested by older Mafia men when we where younger that's why they don't care about me or my children with them

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