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  1. So the amount of" land" that some politicians have access to .
    I am sure they can give some land, because when them dead , them cannot carry the amount of land them have to hell!….. St Thomas should not crying for burial space…. " jamaicans politicians!"

  2. No one should be telling the authorities that there should be reconstruction and reorganisation of the road system in Spanish that is a no brainer. This is the problem with our political leaders lazy and criminal and currupted that all they are good for.

  3. That little district is wear former pm Hugh Shearer was born named Martha Brae , and he built that Hotel 🏨 there Trelawny Beach hotel. The last time I drove through that village is in 2016 I went to Jamaica, and that bridge is not using more than the ordinary. Since that highway was built 💪,I remembered in 2000,2003 I went to Jamaica and. The vehicle drove through Hague , and never crossed that bridge.

  4. It is a international disgraced in Jamaica 🇯🇲 that the people them, does not have anywhere to buried their loves ones. I born come see those things over the decades, that most people in Jamaica. Does not have anywhere to be buried, they haveto be burying in their own yards. The government is not looking out for the development of the people them at all, they are only looking out for their own interests. What is so ironic in the history of Jamaica 🇯🇲, I born come see the majority of the lands is. Owned by a few European white people them and ,not one of them can show a piece of paper saying how much. They have bought the lands for and,they occupied it for hundreds of years not hardly paying any taxes for it at all and. What is so ironic about the jlp party government ministers them, they always sending police 🚔 and soldiers to beat. People off lands which the government claimed to be captured lands, and the white people them does the same thing. Over the years during slavery by taking away, the slaves them lands. Without any form of compensation and the government of Jamaica, never challenged them, how they came about so much lands. Jamaica got independence August 6th 1962 and several things, is still remains the same. There is no changes to this colonial laws at all, Michael Manley was the only one in Jamaica. Was trying to changed the system and the, people who they are called the upper class in Jamaica 🇯🇲. Was strongly 👌 opposing Michael Manley, by telling the poorer people them. That Michael Manley was trying to bring communist to Jamaica 🇯🇲, all now. The jlp party government ministers them is still using this kind of argument, during the election campaign and. Some of them is so foolish, they still strongly believes in this highst of hypocrisy. Only because Michael Manley told the large properties owners, to sell some of the lands for further development of Jamaica and. Some of the property owners them was rebelled about it and, the jlp party was critizing the pnp party government ministers them and. When they won 🏆 in 1980 this is not something I am trying to fabricated against, some of the mps them. This is something I know of a fact even all now,it is happening under this present jlp party government ministers them. That the lands which was acquries by the pnp party government ministers them for development, since this government won in 2016. The government ministers them is on a land grabbing all over the country, the people them who was opposing the pnp party government ministers them. For acquiring the lands for development, they are taking lands at random for themselves and families. Also friends, in St,Elizabeth where this jlp party mp is trying to steal hundreds of acres.They haveto removed him and, put mp Green. At Inniswoods estate it is lands grabbing by the jlp party government ministers them and, they are giving lands to their Chinese friends too. Just like how Parnell Charles stole the lands in St,Thomas from the people them, and now they does not. Have anywhere to buried the people them, so why the worthless mp for the area. Does not asked the government the pm Andrew Holness, to release some of those lands. That the people in St,Thomas can get somewhere to buried their loves ones ,because that piece of land. Does not belongings to Parnell Charles at all, he does not have any form of paper works for the land. I am wondering why Brogad Andrew Holness, didn't requested the FID to investigated Parnell Charles. How he comes by the lands and, where he got that money from to aqcuries that lands. Only because the pm Andrew Holness is in the same predicament, because the land department has exposed. The pm Andrew Holness of Jamaica 🇯🇲 that he is in the stealing of lands too,because the lands exposed him. That he claims to be the owner of two pieces of lands in upper St,Andrew and, he is not paying any taxes for years. Plus he has no paperwork for the land, so he cannot called an investigation on Parnell Charles or. Any of the jlp party members them, because they are going to bust on him. The government is very, very corrupted, anyway. It is what the some of the people in St,Thomas voted for, it is what they are getting to their sockets.

  5. God bless the bereaved families & comfort them. Yes, cremation might be a solution but it should not impede people's preference. The hogging of layed bare lands the local authorities needs to sort it , compensating landowners or whatever. In Africa, people still practice burying their loved ones within their properties. And I feel and pray for farmers, small/ big businesses suffering, government do something, Jamaica is a Commonwealth country, BLESSED QUEEN make your government do something to all Commonwealth countries by vaccines and increase backup the foreign policy money to the countries, instead of the Conservative government worrying about economic growth now while the politicians themselves are RICH. The shameless selfishness is incredulous to the world.

    God bless, sustain and keep holding on your people. Amen ❣️🙏🏿🛐

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