'Nobody's allowed to leave': Inside Shanghai's brutal COVID lockdown

Shanghai resident and Dutch journalist Jaap Grolleman says it is hard to tell when the city’s strict lockdown will end as the authorities are “very set” on achieving a COVID zero target.

The populous Chinese city of Shanghai has had its lockdown tightened just as restrictions were set to be eased in some regions.

Multiple districts in the city were issued notices ordering residents not to leave their homes or receive deliveries for at least a week.

Terrifying footage has also emerged showing suspected COVID-19 positive residents being forced from their homes to be taken to quarantine facilities.

The videos which circulated through Chinese social media have since been removed from some platforms.

Mr Grolleman told Sky News host Andrew Bolt the lockdown has curtailed people’s freedoms – with some more unlucky than others.

He said the current policy in China requires positive cases and close contacts to isolate in a government quarantine facility.

“The two top rules are like if you get infected you have to go to the quarantine camp and also nobody’s allowed to leave your compound or apartment,” he said.

“The rules are absolutely not flexible and sometimes there’s no place for any feelings in this.”


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  2. I'm so surprised that china's is so cruel to there own people. If there meds are not working on there own people I have a feeling that they want it that way so they can get rid of as many people as possible so they don't have to deal with any of the people that are sick. They knew that the meds that they tried to come up with were not good quality but thank God that Canada stuck to it's guns and stopped doing any kind of deals with china cause they can't be trusted. They were trying to just look out for there own interests and themselves and that's just so pigheaded of them, don't feel sorry for them now! That's what you get when you try to f up the side that wants things fair but not china,???!!!!! There's just to much greed in there minds!!! To bad so sad!! Better luck next time!!!??

  3. Total insanity and this overreaction is on a criminal scale. All this over a virus that has a .003% death rate. It’s as if the idiots in charge have completely forgotten about all other illnesses that existed before COVID came along.

  4. ​ Don't speak too soon…this is only a case study of what's coming to the western world. Can't you see? They are going to shut down the entire world but are doing it in sections. Then after they have broken the will of the worlds masses, they will implement the great agenda.

  5. Wonder what the Chinese think of their government now, too many seem to defend Communism until they realize they have zero rights and they're just cattle for their rulers, all of them are expendable when it suits their rulers just as the Maoists have always mass genocided their own people.

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