Orion and Khazrak reading the Update news

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  1. That start to lose his funniest vibes when i think more and more about CA mentality and their customer respect (and license respect too).
    + theses morrons are like others shitty compagnies and don't even think about to touch AI like if it was not ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN A FKING VIDEO GAME but ok everithing is fine we just lived in the wrong reality 🙂 sad a lot of gameplay is lost forever without a real AI 🙁 (: .

  2. Warriors of Chaos are better than them. Norsca is way better and not a horde faction. Best choice for Beastmen in Warhammer 3 is to be part of Chaos faction. Of course, everyone would want their money back from shitty over priced DLC as a result.

  3. I dont understand why CA just doesnt make a tiny tweak or two to beastment. Frikken Pirate Coast don't need movement cost to enter encamp stance and (just like Greenskins) can enter encamp mode after razing a settlement!!!! JUST LET THEM ENCAMP WITH NO MOVEMENT PENALTY!

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