Taliban cracks down on protesters in Kabul

New video shows Taliban fighters firing into the air as protests erupt in Kabul, Afghanistan. U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken arrives in Doha, Qatar for conversations with top diplomatic leaders. CBS News senior foreign correspondent Charlie D’Agata joins CBSN AM from Doha with more details.

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  1. joe's buddies, Biden tries to defending the Indefensible on 9/11 by his breaking of long established US laws, against the will of the average American citizen , democrats, will look back on that decision with regret forever, the war will continue on now, since we re-equiped them with weapons of war, a victory, a place to call their own, financial incentives to continue on, thank you joe biden for your lack of wisdom, just to look good on 9/11, history will remember the bidens, because of the way we left Americans, Allies behind on the battlefield, Let's ask the Cuban's, the Hongkong residents,the Philippine people,Tawain people,our European allies, how they feel about your decisions, or would you ask for review the Telaban, China , Russia. The American people will not forget your decisions, they are part of history now, democrats will pay the price for your decisions at election time.

  2. In the last 20 years, many Afghans have been educated in modern education. They have learned to understand the difference between the modern social system and their old-fashioned way of life. So it will not be easy for the Taliban to run the government as they wish.

  3. Hey Charlie D’agata, How could you say what you’re saying when we can ALL see what your Body Language is Actually Saying? Obviously, Money is more important to you than the Fake News you’re Spewing…

  4. QUESTION 🙋🏾‍♂️QUESTION 🙋🏾‍♂️!!!!!!! Need an Answer. Push these to the White House!!!!



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  6. People of Afghanistan, please fight and help the northern alliances. Your country.. your freedom.. your life.. UNITE!!! Northern alliances is your last stand if they fall.. hope is all lost since the western countries already turn their back WAKE UP! GIVE A ONE BIG FIGHT!

  7. It looks like the State Department is passing the buck, and don’t want to take any responsibility about any American left in Afghanistan. If they wanted to I can totally take them out, imagine if I was Biden‘s son or daughter Afghanistan she will be out of there within 10 seconds. State Department need to take some responsibility and take all the Americans out of Afghanistan they want to leaves.

  8. Six charter planes sitting on the tarmac. Feel good Biden and Cackling Harris? You are stained forever by your inactions. We Americans will not forget your disgrace to this country and to Afghanistan.

  9. Afghanistan was a very poor country, they had more donkey carts than cars, now after 20 years of American taxpayer welfare they have lots of material things, new truck and an excess of military hardware. The "troops" we trained were mainly Taliban who accepted money from us. It seems 1 out of 3 were on our pay.

  10. He is an idea that someone close to me suggested. IF the Taliban want to hold the hostages for ransom maybe they would accept Hunters high priced art work as payment.

  11. This administration is stopping those Americans who are funding flights to get our fellow Americans out. This administration continues to block Americans from leaving. Chaos compliments of this administration. Who goes on vacation.
    There is no positive note on this. Leaving Americans behind is not what we do.

  12. All this evil and all this chaos going on in the world is Because the devil and all his evilness knows they only have a short time left Before Jesus Christ shows up Praise God when he does Because our Creator will certainly defeat all evil once and for all and forever PRAISE GOD FOR HIS HOLINESS GLORY AND HONOR BELONGS UNTO HIM FOR WITHOUT HIM WE WOULDN'T BE

  13. What did Jesus say unto those who were about to stone to death a prostitute He said let him who has no sin cast the first stone no one was able to Because we all are sinners every soul on this earth is a sinner

  14. The afghan talibans thank USA armed forces and US taxpayers for the gifts. Number of pieces left.
    Humvee. 22 174
    M1117. 634
    MxxPro. 155
    M113. 169
    Pickups. 42 000
    Trucks. 8 000
    Radio. 162 043
    Night vision. 16 035
    Rifles. 358 530
    Pistols. 126 295
    Machine-guns. 64 363
    Artillery. 176
    C-130. 4
    A29 Super Tucano. 23

  15. Yeah….
    Where were they, when the Taliban walked into their city?

    Where were they, when The Northern Alliance said, "We're regrouping outside of Kabul?"

    Stockpiles of equipment. Wasted.

    Guess who decided to pick them up instead?


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