Taliban seize control of Kabul airport as the last US troops have left Afghanistan | DW News

00:00 Taliban gather at Kabul airport

05:00 Afghan government to be formed in days

06:25 What will happen to Americans still in Afghanistan?
Leading Taliban figure says group poses no threat to anyone
In a speech in Kabul, a prominent member of the Taliban’s political office has accused the West of smearing the Islamist group, saying that Afghanistan’s progress will soon be visible under its rule. Shahabuddin Delawar also repeated assurances made recently by the group that it is not a threat to anyone and would be a reliable partner for the international community.
“We do not seek revenge,” he said.
His comments seem contradicted by reports of Taliban members going door to door in some parts of the country as they seek Afghans who worked together with international forces during the 20 years since a US-led invasion.


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  1. I tell you what they may have about planes now the Taliban and they might try to fly but if they do fly they better be good because they'll be easy to take out the sky cuz they ain't that great they ain't had that much fighting training and then then they going to run out of fuel eventually and then to keep it in maintenance they got a lot of work to do to keep that in service I'm playing and helicopters

  2. I'm looking at the news footage aerial view of the airport. So they now have access to multiple civilian aircraft. Didn't we learn anything from 9-11. What's stopping them from attempting another strike.

  3. Hank is a false prophet. He is about to be exposed and brought low for his lying. He keeps moving the goalposts when his false prophecies do not come to pass. 6 Their visions are false and their divinations a lie. Even though the Lord has not sent them, they say, “The Lord declares,” and expect him to fulfill their words. 7 Have you not seen false visions and uttered lying divinations when you say, “The Lord declares,” though I have not spoken? Ezekiel 13:6-7 |

  4. Soon they'll be no planes buses cars Taliban wants to turn the clock back 200 years …I say just leave them do it and be happy…west should let them stew in their own urine…

  5. If Trump was still our president he would have seen drones and wiped them all out not playing games on like bush in 2001 and biden that we have today. Trump at least he always done his job right.

  6. See I'm a little confused United States supposed to be the most powerful country in the world with weapons and the technology Afghanistan Taliban they don't have the power as much as us does so why is the US playing around with them they bombed the trade center we should wipe that whole country out and let it be done and we wouldn't be fighting today if they would have finished it back in 2001 I asked a soldier he says it's not us it's the politics so yes I blame the government for not finishing Afghanistan and Taliban terrorists in 2021. If our government let our soldiers do their job they wouldn't be fighting today after 20 years

  7. As for our top ranked woke generals, democrat representatives, retired public “servants “ like Jimmy Carter and Joe Lieberman not speaking out against the wrong doing of our treasonous president is itself an act of treason. I know the top military would risk their jobs. This applies to any career military officers.

  8. It's the first time in history , that a terrorist organization defeats USA , drives them out of the area and gets COMPLETE control of a country , of supplies , of weapons and are getting ready to aim for the next goal . Good Luck 👍

  9. Happy my foot 👟 if they are happy😊 then why all afghanistan🇦🇫 citizens want to leave their home🏠 their jobs why they are crying rushing at airport shouting help! help! at US Marines posted at Airfield

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