Taliban seize control of Kabul airport as the last US troops have left Afghanistan | DW News

00:00 Taliban gather at Kabul airport

05:00 Afghan government to be formed in days

06:25 What will happen to Americans still in Afghanistan?
Leading Taliban figure says group poses no threat to anyone
In a speech in Kabul, a prominent member of the Taliban’s political office has accused the West of smearing the Islamist group, saying that Afghanistan’s progress will soon be visible under its rule. Shahabuddin Delawar also repeated assurances made recently by the group that it is not a threat to anyone and would be a reliable partner for the international community.
“We do not seek revenge,” he said.
His comments seem contradicted by reports of Taliban members going door to door in some parts of the country as they seek Afghans who worked together with international forces during the 20 years since a US-led invasion.


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