'The worst case I've ever seen' – Judge gives 3 life sentences to man who killed child, girlfriend

After Ronnie Oneal said he wasn’t sorry for the murders of his girlfriend and 9-year-old daughter with special needs during his sentencing, the judge then spoke: “Nineteen years I’ve been at this job, I’ve seen human beings killed at the hands of others in every way imaginable… This is the worst case I’ve ever seen,” Judge Michelle Sisco said. “For the rest of my life I will be haunted by what I saw as far as the evidence, and just the abject cruelty of it all.”

Full story:

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  1. He Done it Don't let him controll and be rude his should pay for what he has done to her pls and the way he treated them thexñ

  2. Think laws need to be changed…. Why are tax payers paying for this thing to live? My opinion, if it's proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt your guilty…. your head should be removed immediately after a verdict is given.
    If criminals do not fear life in jail, perhaps they will fear loosing their head.

  3. It's a shame we don't have public hangings anymore especially for crimes like this. stop wasting tax payer dollars for food and medical. a rope at the local hardware store only costs a few bucks. this man doesn't deserve free meals, a free bed, free medical and what ever else they could offer him in jail.

  4. This is exactly why I don't date guys with hairstyles like this. They're mentally gone in their head. Something is off in the medulla oblongata, cerebrum, cerebellum, every part of the brain just off.

  5. Waste of time explaining to a Evil person anything. Just gives him a thrill to hear this judges pain from what he did. I’d have said good luck dude and sent him to the hardest prison she could. Killed kids? Good luck buddy…

  6. So when are we gonna have the talk on how his crazy ass managed to start and have a family and for as long as he did? My dude looks crazy, hairdo, speech, and all. Ladies… just stop and take a step back to observe. Give it years or w.e it takes. For him to have a kid is not deserving.

  7. he went to trial, the trial is done how it's sentencing, DearJudge we dont need to hear any dramatic story, just sentence the man and call the next case. waste of time.

  8. why is the judge trying to gain personal morel standing by personal virtue signalling.
    woman as judges shouldn't be allowed.

  9. he clearly has medical needs and needs to be put into a mental institution. you can clearly see how disconnected he is.

  10. The women who live where this took place need to become pen pals of inmates of the prison where this pos is housed.

  11. Let me guess? It's the system that's wrong? I was bullied at school? You're only doing this because you're racist?….ok, last guess- I'm life unworthy of life, total scum, and deserve to be put down like an animal….got there in the end! 🙂 If they put him in the electric chair, I wonder would his hair go flat?

  12. I know this isn’t the point of the video but I swear to god if we got to pick our life and I picked this im fighting myself

  13. 0:11 he looked right in the Direction of the Family when he said that. That was chilling. He deserves to never get out.

  14. An American human has a good quality school, a lot of open admission community colleges, very good universities and colleges. If you don't want to study – it is all right, you can join the army. I still can't understand why do people kill and live the life like this lost man

  15. You're wasting the air in your lungs preaching for remorse to a psycho or a sociopath. The second that speech ended, He would've thoughtlessly murdered the judge if you'd removed his cuffs and allowed it.

  16. He's a psychopath and can't experience remorse. The judges words aren't being absorbed by this sick excuse of flesh and bone.

  17. The fact that that crap is not shaved of his stupid head Is what's wrong with the criminal justice system.
    He needs the chair immediately after verdict.

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