This Town Was Paradise, Then Everyone Started Working From Home

Freed from traditional offices, remote workers are relocating all over the country, fueling “Zoom booms” in remote towns. In Crested Butte, Colorado, the new influx is leaving locals with nowhere to live, prompting the town to declare a housing emergency.

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  1. I live in Iowa, but have family who have been in Colorado for about 100 years. Growing up in the 70's and 80's we would go out and visit and take in the sights as tourists to many places such as Summit County and the Four Corners area. The last time I was in the Four Corners area was almost 20 years ago and I could not believe how crazy southern Colorado has become. Durango, Telluride, CB, Gunnison, even Alamosa. There are people EVERYWHERE, with houses crawling up the mountains like ants attacking a wounded animal.

    To quote my dad. "That land can't support that many Goddamn people!' He's right. I loved this piece by VICE but one other thing besides the "Locusts" moving in from the coasts screwing up the cost of living, is the fact that the intermountain West is way over populated and there isn't enough WATER or general services to support the growth.
    I don't even know if the South Platte river flows out of Denver on a regular basis anymore, or if its basically a sewage ditch out of the city.

    The best we can hope for in this country (USA) is another housing crash. And this time NO BAILOUTS of the banks and Wall Street.

  2. an exploitative company town amazing where are the "capitalism drives innovation" mfs the reporter is really fucking sus for trying to make that business owner look good they even look the same

  3. Does she realize that her act of buying houses increases the overall market price of the said house?
    The business should've been cut when the prices started rising.
    People like her are the reason her employees need charity to have homes.

  4. That lady is literally a slum lord. Talk about housing prices… There in lies the problems second home owners create. She pays her employees then gets that money back because they are renting from her. Others are simply homeless. Disgusting.

  5. I’m curious what the pizza employees get paid on avg compared to other pizza workers. Bet at the end of the day they’re getting shortchanged the amount of the “cheaper” rent.

  6. Ok, I'm from another country. I think it is ridiculous that they have housing problems when literary there's land everywhere. Can't someone or the city build a flat or lodge then renting them?

  7. Just give The Biden/Harris ticket a month or two more and they will destroy that entire town let alone the housing crisis!
    “Biden!!!! Build Backwards Kind Of, Not Really , Better!!!!!!”

  8. If wealthy people move into a poor place, the town ought to get wealthier. The fact that this isn't how things work should tell us everything you need to know about the failure of our current economic system.

  9. This accurately describes what's going on in Mt Shasta rentals or even housing sales are scare and going for egregious amounts of cash while wages are consistently kept low yet the wealthy retirees complain there's noone to flip their burgers. Soo many people living in their vehicles or in bushes

  10. If ever we needed THE LORD  before-we SURE do need HIM now.

    "Focus on GOD-and NOT your problems.") (Dr. Charles Stanley)
    ("PRAYERS destroy the enemies plans." /the late Pastor Stephen Darby):

    GOD'S message to ALL believers IS /and herein lies our POWER:
    2 CHRONICLES 7:14:

    Then if MY people, who are called by MY NAME will humble themselves, if they will PRAY and seek ME and stop their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven. I will forgive their sin, and I will HEAL/RESTORE their land.

    (HE did it for the righteous kings in the OLD TESTAMENT.) (KJV  )
    HE can surely do it for us.

    GOD will Bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you (HIS people.)     Pass it on…

  11. Not this solves the towns problems but truck campers. They are awesome they slide in slide out and for all intensive purposes are an apartment. It's allot better than sleeping in your truck.

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