Tucker: There is something really wrong

Fox News host voices his concerns about lawmakers prioritizing solving Ukraine’s problems over America’s on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. I feel like Tucker is using the Ukraine situation to touch on something nonsensical that has been happening for a very long time. And by that I mean foreign aid. Yeah, sometimes it's justified, sometimes.

  2. This money is being filtered through back to the Democrats or the corrupt dems they need cash for the green con, the immigrants baby food etc, the Iranian deal, maybe some left over for zelensky as a thank you for allowing your country and people to be destroyed. They know we know what they're doing but they are so driven by the power over people they don't care so now they will just lie to our faces.

  3. no more money will go to ukraine, no more weapons either. any money that was alloted for that purpose will be directed to securing our border. starting with employing any veteran that wants to serve our country by securing it at our southern border. the wall donald trump started will be completed. illegal immigrants will be treated as such , illegal. they will be removed and permited entry by legal means . legal means that are our current immigration process. the legal process will not be altered based on any circumstances. any personel or equipment of any kind needed to enforce these will be given. any law enforcement agency will be allowed to arrest anyone here illegally and transported to the appropriate agencies. immigration will be temporarily paused until the american citizens have been taken care of. our nation can and will return to what our founding fathers envisioned. it is long overdue.

  4. Jamie Raskin's response to the question about what about American's need for baby formula was so disturbing

  5. surprizingly, no politican ever really cares about people. The difference is in US politicans used to be pretending to care just to hold power for as long as they can, meanwhile in other countries politicans do not even bother whatsoever.

  6. Get rid of your right to weapons and you are open to a take over like you have never seen
    . because you and UK have sent weapons to Ukraine ….who are going to send them to us

  7. The hell with Ukraine worry about our own country Ukraine aint nothing but a corrupt country anyway

  8. I guess the government does run everything we got we aint got no safe on it all they just figure they can do what they want they all need to go to jail for treason pulling this stuff in the country's all messed up

  9. Tucker I'm real sorry for your loss on Christmas maybe they will have given you more toys had it not been for the misleading that you have been telling people you would have gotten your toys newsbreak free just have report Timmy at CNN has been Gathering a lot of toys here recently toys for telling the truth let's all go to CNN and see what Timmy got

  10. They feel fancy virtue signaling with money thats not really theirs (really hard to do… not) but belongs to us citizens.

  11. This socialist are destroying our nation its all by design. All those funds could be use too secure both our northern and southern border and still have and still have funds too spear this is disrespectful and disgraceful what's happening too our nation.

  12. Mr Tucker my canal is genuinely see and survival billion of the peoples mostly for my surprise best programs different in the planet Art story figuratively the best , no reading much problems Language English

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