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  1. Is been confirm few USA BIO WEAPON LAB is in Ukraine.
    Is Ukraine President PROTECTING the lab OR his Country and people also got some news about Ukraine Military Bombing the civilian.

  2. The United States and NATO, the world's biggest criminals, deliberately wage war and sell arms, prolonging the war and destroying the country. The United States and NATO countries are enemies of humanity. No one else believes them.

  3. Big lesson to learn India be alert get ready Indian weapon and store lot of drones to protect India Drones are the best option because Ukrainian war will turn in to World war and Two nearest enemies are Pakistan and China during world war no law no friend don’t have to dependent on USA or any other country this is crucial time it can turn into world war any time India should to take steps of every expect

  4. THE PROBLEM IS: There has been so much speculating that was/has been going on for decades in Russia by the West… AND Just Like Now Dictator PUTIN CAN COULD DO ANY THING HE WANT'S AGAINST INNOCENT PEOPLE? * WHILE THE WEST SITS & LOOKS ON APROVINGLY ! *….. Find These People & Politicians and Let the World Know WHO they all are? ….

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