1. Climate chaos with warmer oceans is playing an increasing role. Let's talk solutions. Endorse the Fossil Fuel Nonproliferation Treaty and the Plant Based Treaty. Let's not make things worse each day when we can be part of the solution.

  2. Please help me I need a dr to perform a lung lavage on me as fast as possible to remove silica dust from my lungs before it causes massive damage and possibly kills me any help is greatly appreciated.

  3. Yo honestly dont feel bad for louisiana im from there and gotta say its sad people are fighting and running around stealing food and gas like yall humans need to chill act like you wont eat or have power again yall choose to stay in storms but panic once its done just fucking leave if ur not gonna think and run around with ur head cut off its rlly sad…..

  4. I believe its a set up who live in trailer homes still!!!! Foundation is needed stop playin with the people! People stand up we wont stand for this nonsense anymore

  5. Does ppl still not know the government can use weather as a weapon…oh our government wouldnt do that to us ..yes right they used it in Vietnam what can they do now they tested on there own army trump said last time a big hurricane came through this may present the calm before the storm they have harrp weather weapon believe it or not i dont care but this is true research in to it

  6. I like how everyone is preparing themselves to atleast stand a chance against it! Prayers to everyone families and every area that it’ll probably hit! 🙏🏾 stay safe yall

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