Warning of new “civil war” in Afghanistan if Taliban reject power-sharing talks – BBC News

One of Afghanistan’s main opposition leaders has warned there will be civil war, unless the Taliban agree to share power, following their takeover of the country.

Ahmad Massoud has warned that war is inevitable unless the Taliban agree to negotiations over the country’s future.

The chaos and desperate scenes are continuing at Kabul airport. The US President Joe Biden has said a lot could go wrong with the continuing evacuation of American citizens and America’s Afghan allies.

The UK has called a meeting of the G7 group of leading nations to discuss the situation in Afghanistan.

Jane Hill presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Lyse Doucet and Secunder Kermani in Kabul – and political correspondent Chris Mason.

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  1. "Civil War" must be code for billions of dollars being funneled into Afghanistan to dole out resistance to the Taliban.

    Based on recent history, it seems that a meaningful civil war would be one-sided, with the Taliban winning and entail the extirpation of all resistance. The question is which parties are funding the resistance.?

  2. Stupid Emran P.M. of Pakistan claimed to have liberated Afghanistan. While, Pakistan Taliban alliance seized democracy and freedom of Afghanistan nationals. Terrorists of Pakistan captured Afghanistan at gun point & still on the way of brutality barbarism carnage & inhumanity. No doubt, Pakistan is accountable for devastiation of Afganstan. Tyrant Pakistan & it's terrorists is now threatening India. US led NATO forces & Indian forces must attack Taliban & it's God father Pakistan. Both are future global threat.

  3. lemme get this straight…..
    We go to war for 15+ years
    suddenly sleepy joe gets elected and all the progress they put in, all the lives lost, all the objectives and everything…..for absolutely nothing, now they're talking about paying them?! what was the point?

  4. Power sharing? No, the Talibans will never share power. The US and NATO left Afghanistan already. There is no one there to monitor the power sharing and fair sharing. Now the Talibans will decide who live or die. The Afghans will suffer period. The next world Oder question is when super power nations and NATO are going into a country for peace and security, will they half in or all in?

  5. Pakistan will ensure war in Afghanistan never ends, Pakistan is home of world terror , they will ensure no peace ever returns to Afghanistan.

  6. Sounds shit but you can tell they like our way of life so much better I don't understand why we just didn't take over the hole counties for them so they can live normally

  7. Bidon did what Obama and Trump said they would get us out of Afganan and failed to live up to the promises. Yes, there is going to be civil war and we left a war chest of weapons. I don't see any good guys in any of these factions and maybe God willing they will take themselfs out. You know maybe we left that war chest on purpose.

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