Watch: Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin Crew Launch Into Space | NBC News

Watch live coverage as billionaire Jeff Bezos attempts to fly to the edge of space aboard a rocket and capsule developed by his private space company, Blue Origin.

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Live: Jeff Bezos Travels To Space With Blue Origin Launch | NBC News


  1. Imagine Jeff Bezos's smile when he goes to space.. All those underpaid over worked employee of his company crying and cheering for him..

  2. His company that paid for his flight engages in fraudulent practices to make money. They charged me for "trial membership" and for a music and SHOWTIME subscription I never clicked on. Despite having a screenshot showing ZERO subscriptions (with no place at Amazon to send it), and despite countless time on the phone, over and over bring lied to and told it would be taken care of, nothing was done. I changed my credit card, filed a fraud charge back, and finally found three class action lawsuits filed against Amazon for the exact same type of things…..and called and rattled off the lawsuits and that stopped their bullcrap, lying, contradictory emails. This is a disgusting and dishonest company.

  3. Revolution in space travel with a new endless drive without loss of mass with 1g at start slowly floating up in space under 1 year near c the speed of light with a ring accelerator for Hg Mercury like a small LHC so shot into a tube with water on the ring propels in the direction of fire when linear braking then with Hg back and do the same again in the opposite direction against turning it up
    in the case of energy from HTR or cold fusion through Hg H → H impact fusion in water from the tube to whom shot fast enough as with the USA neutron generator with proton spallation to Hg-197 every 64h 50% epsilon decay gold.

    In addition, new CO2 turbines with FK compressor, return cooling of everything, thermally insulates all power plants with efficiency ≈ 100%.

    Sea Dragon – rocket from sea

    4 million pound cargo rocket

    Mars lander

    Landing on Mars

    Zero carbon cycle double dense same tank size 700+ bar CNG out of electrolysis H2 + air CO2.
    CO2 easy & cheap out of air in gas centrifuge because more heavy than N2, O2 and argon for
    Sabatier process or used as fertilizer inside green house.

    A380 size airplane with 4 wings at front higher over plane body with 2 from 4 engines and high pressure CNG inside in middle of body most secure with more energy / kg than kerosene and tank O2 start booster.
    CNG also for trains and ships.

    Supported from Greta Thunberg also how to make zero carbon energy with cold fusion shooting Hg into water for Hg H → H punch fusion and zero risk cheap RBN Th pebble bed HTR with cubic boron nitride isotopes B-11 & N-15 + ThO2 baked inside Etc.

    kayuweboehm @ yahoo de

    Without green energy surplus like in norway no CO2 reduction driving electric and plugin hybrid saves lithium (price doubled 2021).

    Extended with TiC or TiB2 shell outside with vacuum chambers isolation to Ti alloy shell inside for hypersonic & space flights.

    Own suggestion for heat shield was outside TiC or TiB2 with vacuum chamber isolation to inner titaniiium alloy shell and using inner CNG/O2 gas expansion for cooling hypersonic airplane like A380 with 4 carrying wings at front set higher maybe over fuselage also with engines and 2. side ruder keeping upward trend high also for reentry that way less friction heat pealk and 700+ bar CNG tank inside in the middle securest place for airplane added also O2 start booster inside A380 big tube 4 ° 2 seats with middle way instead less wanted 3+4+3 and inner 2 • 2 seats night sleep modus change to 2 beds one upon other drawn down from 2 seats behind and separated smoker place standing tables near window

    TiB2 melts about 3239°C with less oxidation and id extreme hard means also early breaking but not with inner titaniuk alloy shell connected over thin vacuum chambers walls. Melting and welding in extreme pressure argon etc.
    Titanium down since 10 years and by myself new cheap with H2 reduction of TiO2 to TiH2 with CaH & heat theb over 1000°C if alloye and rolled full decompostion to clean Ti+H2 better Kroll etc.

  4. Wasn't a soft landing. I believe that as must as I believe the moonlanding. Still waiting for humans to go past Van Allen belrs and I saw it live in 69 but we knew it was a lie then.

  5. Truly Amazing!! Yes, it’s truly amazing how a man capable of helping millions here on earth, can waste billions to launch himself to space, and bore us all.

  6. Why is Jeff going to space ? & why is the rocket booster falling ? Don’t they need that in space to come back to earth

  7. 04:00 – Notice how the velocity is positive, falls to zero and then goes positive again? That ain't a velocity, Blue Origin… That's a speed 😉

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