Will Smith's Oscars outburst might point to 'what's going on' in his own relationship

Will Smith striking Chris Rock during the Oscars might have a lot to do with what’s going on in his own relationship with wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, says Sky News host Chris Smith.

The Fresh Prince won an Oscar for his leading role in the film King Richard – a movie based on the father of legendary tennis players Venus and Serena Williams.

In his acceptance speech, Smith addressed the slap and his role in the film saying “Richard Williams was a fierce defender of his family”.

Smith then continued to say he was being called on to “protect people” while admitting in showbusiness he was often the victim of disrespect.

“He could’ve walked out; he didn’t need to do what he did,” Sky News host Chris Smith said.

“I wonder whether it had a lot to do with what’s going on in his own relationship.”


  1. Bad form guys. 1. There was no but to what Will did and 2. Don't pretend the ppl behind the scenes didn't know they should have escorted Smith out. Period. So you dissemination of reality was disappointing and says a lot about you

  2. Does anyone remember when will was about to go on a trip with his dad on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, however right as they were about to leave and Will already had his bags packed ready to go, but his dad left him again and broke his heart again, leaving will crying on uncle Phil's shoulder. Will didn't cry this time but it took care of this family why did people condemn that sad very sad.

  3. It seems to me that all you wok ass people at the Oscars and people around the world that sending Will Smith down the river, need to remember the sickness Jada has, and the stupid ass jokes that has been said about Jada before, not mention what might have been done before that wasn't in the spotlight of America. WILL I'M VERY PROUD OF YOU, FOR DOING SOMETHING THAT HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES HAVE NEVER DONE, STICKING UP FOR THEIR WIVE'S AND FAMILY MEMBERS

  4. Where was security? Will Smith should have been removed from the facility. Period. He laughed when the joke was told, but after seeing his wife's expression, he proceeds to storm the stage and assault Mr. Rock..As if his assault on Mr. Rock wasn't enough, he proceeds to scream profanities at Mr. Rock.upon returning to his seat. Smith absolutely ruined the evening for EVERYONE by his actions. He should have been ejected immediately, and never allowed back up on that stage to accept the Oscar. Someone should have done it for him, but he should not have been in the building after he assaulted Mr. Rock.

  5. The craziest part of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock is that Ghislane Maxwell was found guilty of trafficking children 80 days ago – and not a single client has been arrested 🤔

  6. It wasn't a cave man response. It was an in the heat of the moment response. He should have handled it differently. However he is simply a flawed human as we all are. Chris R crossed the line in making that joke because it wasn't simply over a haircut but a decease.
    Had Chris rock got up there and made fun of certain other things and you can fill them in people would be outraged with him instead of Will Smith.

  7. I will think twice before going to anything Will Smith is doing and get rid of all my DVDs of his.

  8. Along with all of my fellow Americans, I thank you for NOT playing his justifications! So treacherously annoying.

  9. They were both wrong and should both seek each other's forgiveness, as well as publically apologizing to Will Smith's wife.

  10. The truth is that Will is a broken man…. you can see him quiver when he swears at Chris… Chris even said as a sign of respect "Jada I love ya", obviously meaning that the joke was light hearted. Will acted very unprofessional and the crowd just laughs it off, also unprofessional. You can see the evil manipulation pouring out of Jada when she looks at him and she has the nerve to say she never told will to hit Chris….. bullshit b** it was written all over your face. Jada is nothing but a cougar and pleases no one but herself….

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